California Tourism Officials Launch Special Marketing Campaign

The former California Travel and Tourism Commission, now known as Visit California, has launched a marketing campaign to entice Australian tourists to travel halfway across the world and visit the West Coast.


According to a recent news story published by Australian marketing industry website AdNews, Visit California plans to spend more than $5 million to attract tourists from the land Down Under. Australian tourists who visit the United States have been traditionally interested in New York City as one of their favorite spots to visit; however, the West Coast is a more accessible destination in terms of distance.


The Visit California campaign relies on star power to attract tourists. The television and online video segment of the campaign features basketball legend Magic Johnson, intrepid surfer Laird Hamilton, beach volleyball star Gabby Reece, and actress Anna Faris. The attractive commercial entices single Australians who would like to balance their vacations as they visit Hollywood, nightlife spots and adventure destinations.


Another segment of the Visit California campaign is geared towards families. “Kidifornia” presents more emphasis towards outdoor tourism spots that may be more appealing to children. Although Australians have plenty of nature destinations that they can enjoy at home, Visit California is focusing on the advantage of the Golden State as a place where snowcapped mountains are only a few hours away from vineyard country and majestic deserts.


Other elements of the Visit California campaign include posters that can be seen at railway stations and bus depots. These posters feature attractive people and beautiful vistas.