How the 22nd Edition of The Sertoes Rally Signified the Highlight of Rodrigo Terpin’s Career

In the recent 22nd, Sertoes Cross Country Race Rodrigo Terpins emerged as the third best driver. To the surprise of his fellow competitors and the fans alike, he was the only driver to have featured in the top 5 in all the seven stages of the 2600-kilometer race. At the end of the race, he was recognized as the most consistent rally driver in the event. Best among them was his great finish of the Special Section which led to the eviction of 45 drivers who failed to complete the stage. The success of Rodrigo and Fabricio Bianchini (his navigator) was no mean feat for the duo. As they still aimed for the top spot the Brazilian Cross Country Championship- which is another high octane event in Brazil, Rodrigo still hunts for more successive triumphs after the event. Visit Terra to know more.


In the previous edition of the Sertoes Rally, the duo had finished in the 8th position and coming to this year’s event aboard the T-Rex 326; they had committed to improving on their tenacity to enable them better their performance. Their quest came true for them as they clocked the best time in history with a 13 hours 55 minutes and 43 seconds cumulatively. The time was indeed a testament that if it were never for their 15-minute penal encountered in the 5th stage, they could beat their closest challengers Joao Franciosi and Rafael Capoani

Their Winning Strategy

Even as Rodrigo Terpin and Fabricio Bianchini accomplished a lot in this edition of the Sertoes, they acknowledged their frantic efforts and elongated time to practice through the hideous Brazilian thicket and earth roads. From these efforts, they got accustomed to the environment and the terrain hence their completion of each of the stages in the competition in comfortable positions. Away from this, little is mentioned about his debut at the championship as an amateur motorcyclist some 20 years ago. Since he switched to T1 category, he has grown from strength to strength becoming a household name as far as splendid performances at Sertoes Rally become a concern. He always alludes his successes to dedication and discipline that has propelled him and enabled maintain such performances. You can visit his Facebook page to know more.

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