Tips to Succeed in Sports Betting

Watching college football can be a lot of fun, but it becomes more exciting when you make some money from it. Sports betting is becoming popular each passing day because of the great benefits it offers to the players. If you want to succeed and win in football sports betting, it is crucial to remember the following tips:

Leave your emotions at the door: it is important for all gamblers to understand that they do not bet on a team because they were in that school and or may be because their rival team will be playing. Emotions can cloud your judgment, making you wager your money on a point spread that will not give you any value.

Always check the weather: high-powered spread offenses like the Houston Cougars pass most of the time, and they might have a difficult time trying to cover a thirty-five point spread during a torrential downpour. If you are keen on this, it will be easier to make money.

Research on the odds: there are several sites on the internet where you can find the NFL and latest football odds. Sites like will have all the latest information you need, and you will rarely make a mistake when using them. Understand that all sports books do not have the same payouts and point spreads too. It is advisable to have money to have money on different sports books.

Read the news regularly: before making any sports kick, it is crucial to read the latest injury reports or any academic ineligible that can make the team lose the game.

Never go for the exotic bets: it is possible to get an eight tea parlay with a one fifty to one payout and at the end of the day win more than fifteen thousand dollars on with your one hundred dollar bet. However, this might not be a smart wager for a player to make. It is advisable to bet mostly on the point spreads and under totals at the end of the day. When the NFL or NCAA college season is over, you can then bet on the small amounts on the super bowl bets.

Save some money for the juice: juice is the money paid to your sportsbook to place tour college football betting. At the moment, most of the online sport betting outlets such as offer some special juice days, and you can take advantage of them and save some cash.

Atlanta Falcons Show How to Travel Long Distance as a Team

The Atlanta Falcons surprised fans recently with a detailed account on their website about how they prepared for a 10-day trip to Washington state. The team had the option to split their time between staying in Denver and Seattle, but Spencer Treadwell, their director of logistics, ultimately chose Seattle with a two-night Denver stay. Treadwell stated that he chose Seattle because of the willingness of the University of Washington to host the team.


With more than 22,000 pounds of equipment and the team’s luggage to ship ahead of them, Treadwell and Brandon Ruth, the logistics manager, tackled a huge challenge of not only shipping everything across country but also making certain that the team would have a “seamless” experience. According to the blog, the Atlanta Falcons often take up at least 11 conference rooms and 140 bedrooms whenever they travel away from home. Treadwell, Ruth and Dan Quinn, the head coach, pull off long-distance trips like this one by doing everything possible to maintain the routines that the team experiences at home when away. They believe that these efforts bring the team closer together and help create a greater connection between teammates.


Whether these efforts help the Falcons to win remains to be seen. The Atlanta Falcons hope for a fifth consecutive win when they face off against the Seattle Seahawks at the CenturyLink Field on Sunday, October 16, 2016. Fans of either team can watch the game on Fox station channels in their local areas at 4:25 p.m.