How Handy Makes Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Most people feel the need to clean their homes when springtime rolls around. Unfortunately, cleaning isn’t fun and often takes hours just to make a dent in most homes’ clutter. Most cleaning professionals recommend picking up bottles, cans, plates, and other garbage strewn across tables and desktops first. Making often-used areas appear clean is truly satisfying, providing motivation to pick up and finish other tasks.

Handy is a mobile application that lists home cleaning services of professionals locally. Customers are able to view home cleaners’ resumes, backgrounds, and work histories before hiring, as well as sort through availability windows, rates charged, and customer satisfaction ratings. By hosting a multitude of home cleaners on Handy, homeowners no longer have to sort through newspapers, phone books, and other information bases to find only a handful of cleaners.

Handy is mutually beneficial for customers and home cleaners. Home cleaners are usually independent and make a limited amount of money, barring the potential for advertising and marketing campaigns. Handy brings advertising, marketing, and hosting to cleaners at a low rate of 20% of wages earned by home cleaners. Customers benefit by having a number of cleaners to choose from, effectively encouraging home cleaners to strive for better reviews and charge customers competitive wages.

Handy is available for download in 25 cities in the United States, two in Canada, and one in the United Kingdom. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the founders of Handy, believe that strictly filtering through applications brings the best cleaners to Handy.

Warm, spring air usually encourages homeowners to clean the entirety of their homes, although cleaning is still, well, cleaning. Try making games out of cleaning, such as throwing dirty clothes into clothes baskets from long distances, or rewarding one’s self for completing individual tasks with candy, snacks, or a refreshing beverage. Apply to Handy now!

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