Steph and Ayesha Curry celebrate their Daughter, Riley’s birthday

Turning five years old is a big deal for any child. It marks the end of the “toddler years” and the beginning of a new era in learning. Kindergarten is usually the next step after celebrating the fifth birthday and all the fun that goes with school days, such as meeting new friends, both of the same sex and opposite sex. But if you are the daughter of the current NBA “World Champion” Steph Curry, turning 5 years old means a whole lot more.

The party is celebrated with a gorgeous unicorn cake and birthday balloons that are similar to the same balloons her famous daddy’s team “The Warriors” used for their “Super Villains party” last year– golden lettered balloons spelling out “Birthday Riley”. What birthday party would be complete without a jump house, and everyone knows a unicorn party must be complete with unicorn horns and drinks.

Riley Curry is the heart and soul of the Curry Family. With her birth 5 years ago, Steph and his wife Ayesha never imagined their little girl could be any more “ferocious, creative, confident, joyous, caring and spontaneous” as she is. Riley is an awesome big sister as well, as well as a good role model for her younger sibling.

With the passing of Riley’s 5th birthday underway, Steph and Ayesha can only look forward to the next thirteen birthday parties with all the hope and happiness of having a child brings. Steph’s biggest problem he struggles with his doing his daughters hair, but with each day, and as time goes on, he is learning how to style her hair almost as good as professional!!