Debunking Stereotypes East Coast Visitors Have Of The West Coast In The USA

One big stereotype that people on the East Coast have when traveling to the West Coast is that it only includes the state of California. There are other states that make up the West Coast such as Oregon and Washington. Los Angeles and San Francisco are also not the only major West Coast Cities despite what Northeasterners may think. Cities such as Seattle, Portland, San Diego and Tacoma are all major West Coast cities with their own unique attractions.

TV shows like the Real Housewives of Orange County perpetuate the stereotype that tan blondes abound in California and the West Coast. This is actually not true. Northern states such as the Dakotas and Minnesota have more blondes than the West Coast despite TV stereotypes and perceptions. The West Coast is highly diverse. If you travel here, then you will see a lot of different people and hairs colors to come with it.

Surfing is another stereotype that visitors to the West Coast have of the area. It would seem that the West Coast abounds with surfers. The truth is that not everyone is a die-hard surfing fan. Most of the waters surrounding the West Coast are cold. Many West Coast residents also enjoy other outdoor activities such as hiking or simply spending time at the beach.

The West Coast is viewed to be as sunny and full of beaches. Actually, it snows on the West Coast and there are some major mountains. Some of the mountains here even provide excellent ski locations as well as hiking.