Talos Energy Company into Mexico

In a span of 80 years, Mexicans have finally decided to allow foreign countries back into their oil market. An international company has already immersed new offshore oil well in the Mexican waters. Talos energy is a Houston offshore company that recently made a significant breakthrough in Mexico after their first drilling attempts.

The company announced recently that they have discovered oil 37 miles in Puerto Dos Bocas across the southern Coast of the Mexican Gulf. Following this new analyst and company executives have declared this as a significant find of the company. Talos Energy said the well in water which is referred to as Zama-1.

The Zama-1 has stretched a preliminary vertical depth of 11,000 feet and is 546 feet of water; the field has been estimated to hold at least a million plus barrels of oil and more up to two billion. It is considered light and has gravities of between 28-30 degrees associated with some gas. This discovery is regarded as a very important achievement for Mexico. Mexico has been hoping to uplift the countries sagging profits by having foreign countries in the market and more

About Talos energy

Talos energy is an independent offshore oil and gas company that mainly focuses on offshore exploration and production. The company’s main agenda is solely focused on buying assets around the Gulf Coast and Mexico Gulf regions. The companies operation of mainly based in the Gulf Mexico and lower Gulf coast of Louisiana region. This company has proven it has what it takes to take the oil industry by storm. In 2013 the company announced that it had taken over Energy Resource Technology GOM incorporation; this was a subsidiary of the Helix group. Talos stated that they are well equipped to penetrate and emerge out successful in their endeavors in the oil industry. The company is associated with River Stone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management LLC.

Apart from this being a source of hope for Mexico in terms of uplifting their energy profit, Talos Energy is grateful to its partners Sierra and Premier oil pc for this historic and great find. Talos hold a 35% participation.