California Is Doing Thanksgiving Different This Year

Many people in California are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving differently this year. A tradition that was started decades ago is resurfacing, which is to eat salmon on Thanksgiving. This tradition originated in the Pacific Northwest. It’s no wonder that the Pacific Northwest sells more seafood than any other part of California.

The way to make the salmon is oven baked with toasted almond glazed on top of it. A common side dish would be parsley salad or the like. Californians participating in this tradition are planning to be creative as possible. There have been rumors of chopping the salmon up and mixing it with mixed vegetables, and other people are rumored to actually stuff their turkey with salmon. These individuals believe it is good to start a new tradition from an old one.

Another reason why the salmon tradition is coming back is due to health reasons. Californians have been informed that salmon is healthier than turkey. This is information people in California want to pass down to their children and grandchildren.

This health issue is especially true for people who want to do their traditional shopping at 4 a.m. the next morning. Turkey is known to make people tired and sluggish. Salmon does just the opposite and rejuvenates the body.

Though a lot of people in California are participating in the old salmon tradition, many people are still going to have Thanksgiving the old-fashioned way. This will include turkey, pudding, pies, sports, fun and games, and so much more.