United States is Top Ski Destination in the World

Condé Nast Traveler is happy to report that the U.S. National Ski Areas Association just recently stated that the most popular skiing country in the world is now the United States, which has pulled ahead of France and Switzerland.


How did that happen? The statistics show that, during the winter of 2015–2016, the United States had a six percent hike in its skiing and snowboard visitors for a total of 53.9 million. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, which is the Pacific Northwest region, had an increase of 142 percent, which more than doubled the two million visits in 2014–2015 to close to five million in 2015–2016.


France, meanwhile, which has held the Number One spot up and down with the United States over recent years, had a drop of three percent, coming in second with 52 million 2015–2016 winter’ skier days’, said the organization Domaines Skiables de France that reports statistics for their ski industry. The definition of a ‘skier day’ is the equivalent of a one-day pass, representing every time a person paid to go skiing. Europe’s Austria, the second most popular skiing destination in Europe, also dropped from the previous winter and finished with 49.9 million.


Deer Valley, Utah, in the Wasatch Mountains was at the top of the list of the “20 best ski resorts in the United States and Canada.”