The West Coast-Where To Visit

The west coast is home to United States wildest landscapes, including beautiful coastal cliffs to adventurous parks. Here are various places to sample the next time you decide to visit the West Coast.

Big Bear

Big bear offers the best place for water sports lovers. You can decide to go mountain hiking, kayaking or decide to go paddle boarding and if you need to relax, fish on the 7 mile lake near it. All this will set you back around $938 per week, a bargain for all the fun there is to enjoy.

Cathedral City

Cathedral city is a place to take the family for some fun time, with community parks to visit, they are ten, and you can also go hiking up the San Juantino Mountain and get to enjoy astonishing views from its peak. The charges are $1007 a week, which is affordable for a family budget.
Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is for those who want to go shopping and dining and later get to enjoy some water sports, or enjoy a walk in the National Forest’s numerous trails and when one is through, head over to Peak Arboretum and enjoy more trails. For spectacular views, you can visit the Fire Lookout, charges are at a weekly cost of $1179.

New Port

If you want your family to enjoy some coastal vacation,New Port is the place to take them. They can also go visit the 91 feet Lighthouse and have a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, cost are $1,231 per week. For more ideas on where to go you can check ( and get to see more places to suit your travel needs and budget.
Welcome to the wild wild west!

Flying or Driving to the West Coast: Which is Better?

The west coast offers an array of amenities and tourist spots that are sure to please anyone on your trip. From Disney World and Universal to some of the biggest and sunniest beaches available in America, California truly has a diverse landscape catering to people of all ages. If you’re planning to travel to California for your next vacation, you may be wondering if it’d be best to fly by plane or drive by car. Understanding the pros and cons of each will allow you to determine the best route for you.

Flying to California is obviously the quickest way to get there. Even from New York, the flight to California is only five hours with minimal layovers. Unfortunately, taking a plane is also the most expensive route of transportation. Even if you are planning the trip months in advance, you should expect to pay a few thousand dollars for your whole family to get there. Even the more inexpensive airlines, like Southwest, charge a hefty fee for those traveling to California. You’re also limited in what you can bring on your trip and what you can bring back, so you’ll have to bring items you need and avoid any frivolous packing.

Driving is beneficial to those who want a long, relaxing trip. The trip to California from New York by car is approximately one week if you’re driving twelve hours a day. You’ll need to take the cost of gas into consideration when traveling by car because the fuel alone can cost just as much as a plane ticket. The advantage of traveling by car is that you are able to get a look at other attractions along your way. You can stop by the Grand Canyon, tour Las Vegas and have your pick at thousands of hotels, restaurants and amenities throughout your trip.

Oregon’s National Parks Are Receiving Love From Tourism

The national parks of Oregon have been receiving more tourists now then they ever had before. The surge of tourism began in 2013 and has been rapidly growing since then. The Columbia River Gorge attracts the largest crowds in Oregon.


Beverly beach is one of the most popular beaches in the state. There is a public campground that is secluded and hidden by a canopy of large trees. From the campgrounds, there is an underground walkway that brings campers directly towards the beach. It is very popular amongst surfers and families alike.


Fort Stevens west of Astoria is also a primary beach location. The park is right next to the beach and covers over 3,700 square acres of land. There are also three lakes that has people fishing, swimming, canoeing and boating. There is also a historic fort with gun batteries for the public to view. There is well over 200,000 campers that visit this site every year.


The tourist industry in Oregon has grown to over $108 billion and has created over 100,000 jobs. Most of these jobs have been brought to otherwise depressed rural communities.


Although that the tourist boom has helped the state financially, the increase in people can have an impact on the environment. There have been so many people coming that the state has to put a cap on people visiting Opal Creek Scenic Area, Oneonta Gorge and Blue Pool by McKenzie River.


Staying in a Hotel on the West Coast? Don’t Touch These Things

If you are planning a road trip or even a flight to the West Coast, you’re likely going to have a great time no matter where you stay. But if you plan on staying in a hotel, there are some things that you should know.


For the most part, hotels are clean places that you shouldn’t be afraid of. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things to be wary of in your guest room. Hopefully, your trip to the West Coast of the USA will be a great one, and you won’t even be spending much time in your hotel. But when you are there, try to avoid touching these things.


The remote control


It may come as a surprise to you, but the remote controls in hotel rooms are some of the dirtiest items there. And the truth of the matter is that the maids who clean hotel rooms often overlook the remote controls and don’t even give them a quick swipe with an antibacterial cloth.


The ice bucket


Here is another item that you may be surprised about. The maids simply avoid touching the ice bucket, so watch out for germs.


The comforter on your bed


This one is a little more well known. Most people don’t cuddle up to the comforters n their hotel room beds because they are classically unclean. Your hotel hopefully washes the bedsheets between every guest, but they likely won’t be washing the comforter between every guest. Go ahead and fold this down and try to avoid touching it.


New Travel Option to West Coast from Poland

Earlier this month, LOT Polish Airlines announced its plans to offer non-stop long-haul flights to and from Los Angeles four times a week via Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplanes starting April 2017. Poland’s oldest airline has already set up its home page to allow travelers to book their 2017 flights starting at $649 USD and currently offers flights to four other North American cities.


Industry experts believe that this is just the beginning of the airline’s long-term plan to command a greater segment of this market. On Thursday, October 13, 2016, the Air Lease Corporation announced that LOT Polish Airlines arranged long-term lease contracts for six 737 MAX 8s at a delivery rate of two planes per year in 2017 and 2018 and one per year in 2019 and 2010.


Boeing 787 Dreamliners are long-haul twin-engine planes designed with wide enough bodies to accommodate 242 to 335 passengers depending on the seating arrangements. They are constructed of lightweight materials for high fuel efficiency and more comfortable flying. Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliners are lightweight long-haul planes specifically designed to follow in the footsteps of the 787 Dreamliner and accommodate between 162 and 200 passengers. They also feature winglets that help reduce the amount of power needed for takeoff, which increases fuel efficiency. Travelers to and from Los Angeles on LOT Polish Airline flights look forward to an unparalleled experience via a fleet of planes that are far younger and more efficient and comfortable then many of the planes from other carriers.