Major Solar Eclipse Expected to Boost Tourism in Oregon

Tourism officials in Oregon are preparing for one of the largest influx of visitors to the state in decades. On August 21st, most of Oregon will darken for two minutes in the middle of the morning as the Moon passes across the Sun.


A total eclipse of the Sun has not been witnessed in Oregon for more than 40 years. According to astronomers from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the solar eclipse will be a major boost for regional tourism. Oregon Business, a local publication dedicated to the state enterprise, recently reported that campgrounds are being reserved at a frenzied pace months before this cosmological event.


Oregon State Park administrators are preparing for a massive arrival of campers from around the world. In fact, park rangers are hoping to create campgrounds in nature reserves that are normally closed to the public or used by researchers.


Amateur astronomers are analyzing weather patterns to figure out the best spots to watch the eclipse. Some hotel operators have explained that rooms have been booked years in advance for this event, and the favorite city thus far has been Salem. For many Oregon hoteliers, seeing this high demand is highly unusual in the month of August.


The eclipse will be visible from Ontario all the way to Lincoln City on the Central Oregon coast. The best bet for travelers who have not made reservations yet is to look for vacancies in the eastern portion of the state, closer to the Idaho border.


Southern Oregon Is Now Invested In Promoting Tourism

Travel Oregon and the Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio (RTS) is planning on promoting tourism for the souther region coastal of the state. There are many restaurants, ocean views and other natural tourist attractions in the rural areas. It is expected that tourism will make a large part of the local economies in the near future.


Coquille River Valley, Bandon, Charleston and several other towns will be targeted for advertising. There will be a series of promotional events held in these areas as well. The events will start this month and will and in April. The idea of these events is to educate the local communities on how to improve their businesses for tourism. They will also evaluate statistics and trends of tourism in the area. Travel Oregon will also put forth funding in seed projects for those that are willing to participate in the tourist market.


The Umpqua Valley region in the Roseburg area will make improvements to promote their area as an idea region for bicycling. Reedsport and Winchester Bay has plenty of agro-tourism and art to offer for tourists as well.


The Reedsport Chamber of Commerce is very open to this new opportunity from Travel Oregon. Just like Reedsport, many depressed rural areas will be able to take hold of tourism to transform their communities. The local residents will be able to transform their towns into something bigger and better.


The cost will be $20 for locals to attend the tourism workshops. Business owners are particularly invited to learn how to make their businesses tourist friendly and how to conform to the changes in the area.


Travel Oregon is a partner of the Visit The USA travel website. It was created in 2003 by the Oregon Legislature in order to organize and transform the tourism industry in the state. They handle publications, press releases, marketing, product development and other services for tourism related businesses in the state.