If You’re Going To San Francisco, Be Sure To Download A Few Apps

According the San Francisco Travel Association’s latest findings, almost 25 million people visited The Golden City in 2015. This finding represents a 2.4 percent growth in travel for the famous West Coast metropolis since 2014. The San Francisco Travel Association also found that tourists brought $9.3 billion into the city, helping to boost the local tourism industry with an additional 76,500 jobs.


Thankfully for new visitors to San Fran, there are thousands of new articles being published by travel experts every week on how to best experience this historic city. For those who only have one weekend to spend in San Fran, experts recommend using various apps and planning in advance to get an authentic taste of Baghdad by the Bay.


First off, travel experts recommend using the homestay network Airbnb for finding a cheap and convenient lodging in San Fran. Hotel prices in San Francisco are some of the highest in the nation, currently around $300 a night for an average hotel. Staying with an Airbnb host can easily cut those costs in half.


Another useful app to help visitors get around in SF is Uber. Travelers recommend using the UberPOOL option if you have extra time and want to save serious dough. The UberPOOL function will automatically connect you with other Uber users who are traveling in the similar direction. This is also a great way to meet locals and fellow travelers throughout Frisco.


For those who only have a few days in San Francisco, travel experts recommend planning to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and to visit Alcatraz Island. These are the two major attractions in San Francisco, and it’s worthwhile to put them at the to of the travel itinerary.


Other than that, San Francisco has a great deal to offer travelers with a wide-array of tastes. Some other popular attractions travel experts recommend include Ghirardelli Square, taking a ride on the cable cars, touring the Walt Disney Family Museum, and taking a day-trip to nearby Napa Valley for wine tasting.