Places To See If You Are Traveling West In The US

There are some places that should be considered “must see” spots for anyone who plans to travel west in the United States. The West Coast of the United States provides so many wonders to look at that it is difficult to narrow it down to a short list, but we will attempt to here anyway.

1) Grand Canyon

No list of Western United States travel spots would be complete without mentioning the Grand Canyon. Yes, it is one of the most talked about natural wonders in the United States, but it is so frequently discussed for good reason. It is a awe-inspiring wonder that is impossible to describe without simply going to see it yourself. If you are heading west, make sure this stop is on your list.

2) Zion National Park

Utah is a beautiful state in its own right, but its national parks are indeed a national treasure. Zion National Park is the oldest national park in Utah, and it is among the most beautiful in the whole country. Take in some hiking at this park as you check out the incredible natural waterfalls that dot the landscape.

3) Las Vegas

Obviously, you are going to have to make a stop in Sin City while you are traveling west. How could you not stop by here and just see this incredible man-made wonder. It is not like the other spots on this list, but it has a beauty all of its own making. If you are willing to, perhaps lay down a few dollars on a gamble as well and see if you come up lucky.

Myths Debunked For Those Who Wish To Go To The West Coast of the USA

Before traveling to the West Coast, there are a number of things to understand. There are many stereotypes and general beliefs about the place that are not entirely true.

For example, people on the West Coast are stereotyped as being raging leftists. Well, yes, there are a lot of left-winged people. However, there are also a lot of right-winged people. When you move away from the urban coastal areas, there are many more right winged people and voters of Republicans.

When people think of the West Coast, they tend to think of palm trees and eternal sun. The West Coast happens to be home to a variety of different climates that range from very hot to temperate. There are parts of the West Coast that experience freezing temperatures and snowy weather.

The “West Coast” is not just California; it consists of California, Oregon and Washington.

No, not everybody is blonde on the West Coast. When some people think of the West Coast, they may think of blonde, Barbie-like Valley girls. Not everybody is like this. There are plenty of brunettes, raven heads and maybe a few redheads thrown in.

Not every single human being in San Francisco is gay. The city has the highest amounts of people who identify as LGBTQ. However, when you look at the big picture, this makes up only 6.2% of the city’s entire population. About 4.6% of New York City’s population is in the millionaire category, though nobody says that everybody in New York City is a millionaire!

The Best Traveling Destinations of the West Coast of the United States

The far west coast of the United States is full of great destinations for tourists from other countries and Americans from others states alike. With fabulous beaches, places with snow and places with beauties that are ranked among the most outstanding touristic destinations in the world. The U.S. is truly a great place to live but also an excellent place to travel to, if you know how to look.

San Francisco, for example, is a beautiful place to visit with great environmental areas like the Napa Valley which is also a fantastic place for wine lovers, as many influential wine brands are produced in the Napa Valley.

There’s also Monterey to visit and Carmel near the ocean, great places for those who want to find some peace and rest a little during their traveling across the U.S.

Why leave California out? One of the most significant states of the West side of the U.S., with Oregon and Los Angeles in a fantastic highway for those who live to drive around the country.

Do not stop only to see the commercial centers of each city you visit during your trip to the west coast of the United States. Make sure to visit the borders of the nation, where fabulous beaches, coasts, and the flora of California which is ranked among the most beautiful ones you can experience.

San Diego is obviously a fan favorite from most of the tourists who move there. There is so much to do in San Diego for night owls and nature lovers alike. San Diego is understandably the preferable destination for the western part of the country.

Of course, definitely, last but not least, the west side of the United States has the presence of Las Vegas, where you can meet the famous casinos of the city, the magnificent desert around the tall buildings and some of the most memorable places in Hollywood movies.