O2Pur Making Its Mark in the E-Cig Industry

The consolidation of companies within the tobacco industry is continuing. In consideration of the confined connections between the big cigarette companies around the world, the stock purchase one or a couple would result in a complete collection of cigarette alternates.

As an example, British American Tobacco acquisition of Reynolds American is currently underway, although BAT has already a forty-two percent investment in the latter because of its leading e-cigarette gadgets. Philip Morris International, which was a part of Altria, still retains a close business relationship with the latter (and the grapevine has it that they may buy either buy each other), and continue to do business worldwide in marketing e-cig commodities via the Marlboro brand.

After British American Tobacco finalizes its purchase of Reynolds American, it will be the largest tobacco company leaving Philip Morris behind. While it has existing cigarette alternatives on the market as of the moment, it is staking a wager that the heat-not-burn (HNB) mechanism will be the next big trend in the market.

Reynolds American, on the other hand, was a pioneer in the e-cigarette venture. In 2012 it acquired blu eCig in the amount of $135 million and created it into one of the most popular brands on the market that has approximately 50% share. It sold blu eCig to Imperial Tobacco to evade issues on anti-competitiveness when it bought Lorillard.

Philip Morris International is likewise a significant player in the industry of electronic cigarettes with its rechargeable iQOS device that is well-liked by consumers in the market.

O2Pur is likewise a trusted brand since 2013, and it uses better tasting and fast acting nicotine salts. Its products are mixed, formulated and bottled in the USA. The goal of O2Pur is to deliver explosive flavors that would produce exceptional results with better money value compare to other e-liquid providers in the US. O2Pur provides services in Salt Lake City, Utah.