How San Francisco Airport Is Cheering Up Cranky Travelers

These days, just about everybody takes it for grant that traveling is a hassle and a terrible pain. The long lines, the waits, the delays, the missed connections, the terrible food every step of the way – it almost makes traveling not worth it for a lot of people. But just imagine working in an airport – while most customer service jobs involve dealing with unhappy people, airport employees have to deal with just about the most irritated and upset collection of people anywhere in the world.


So, in order to make the whole ordeal of traveling by air a little more fun, the staff at San Francisco International Airport have hired a specialized team to cheer up travelers. The newest member of this highly qualified team is LiLou, a two-year-old therapy pig. The 22 other members of the team, known as the Wag Brigade, are all dogs, but LiLou has been fitting right in – she has proven to be one of the most popular members of the Wag Brigade, with people of all ages squealing in delight when she comes trotting by.


The Wag Brigade has been on duty since December 3, 2013. The animals for the program are all certified through the Animal Assisted Therapy program of the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which trains dogs, cats, rabbits, and now pigs to make people happy in a safe and friendly way.