You’ve Probably Tried Body Cleanses, Now Try Cleansing Conditioner for Your Hair

Wen Cleansing ConditionerKeeping your body healthy and beautiful can be difficult. Your daily beauty routine probably consists of twelve to twenty skin, makeup, and hair products; all of which may include some harsh ingredients. While a full-bodied cleanse can help to remove toxins from your body and rejuvenate your skin, your hair needs a little extra love.

Unlike skin products and makeup which can introduce toxins to your body, your hair products actually strip your hair of it’s natural oils and nutrients. So although your body benefits from a cleanse that removes toxins, your hair will benefit from a cleanse that will restore the oils and nutrients lost.

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To improve the health of your hair you should add a cleansing conditioner to your beauty regimen. Cleansing conditioners are natural and gentle, containing none of the harsh ingredients of shampoos so that your hair isn’t stripped of anything. Cleansing conditioners work to restore the natural oils of your hair and strengthen it.

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In addition, various cleansing conditioner formulas are available to meet the specific needs of your hair. For example, the WEN hair care product line created by Chaz Dean offers conditioning cleansers such as the Bamboo Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner which improves elasticity and shine in hair. Another WEN hair care cleansing conditioner, the Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, adds volume to your hair.

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Once you experience the benefits of using cleansing conditioners on your hair you can introduce cleansing conditioners to everyone in the family. If you fall in love with cleansing conditioners by WEN, they also offer cleansing conditioner formulas for men and children.