Disneyland Announces New Restaurant By Jungle Cruise

Foodies on the West Coast can look forward to yet another amazing eatery at Anaheim’s Disneyland Theme Park in the near future. Disney execs just announced they are working on a new dining area near the popular Jungle Cruise ride in Adventureland.

This new restaurant, named The Tropical Hideaway, will take the space of what used to be Aladdin’s Oasis. Visitors can enjoy fantastic views of the Jungle Cruise ride as they eat on an outdoor patio.

No further details were released on when this restaurant will open or what kinds of foods they will offer. The lack of official facts, however, hasn’t stopped Disney fans from speculating about this new addition to the beloved theme park.

A few Disney bloggers pointed out that the city of Anaheim received a permit three years ago asking to use flame-lit torches in this area of the park. Many believe this restaurant will offer Hawaiian cuisine and have an ambiance close to that of the Tiki Room, which is only a short walk away.

Amazingly, Disney announced this new eatery on their official “Parks Blog” one week before it got any mainstream attention. TimeOut LA was the first major company to report this restaurant opening.

While foodies might have to wait a bit to try out The Tropical Hideaway, there are many exciting restaurants opening up all across Disneyland this year. Disney fans can look forward to the opening of the Ballast Point Brewery later in 2018. Disney’s California Adventure theme park will also open the Lamplight Lounge on June 23rd.

Three New Hotels Coming to the Strip

The stalled Fontainebleau Las Vegas Resort project is now being given new life. After dumping almost three billion dollars into the resort, the work was shut down in 2009 due to economic concerns. The empty 63-floor tower sits just across the street from Circus Circus on the northern end of the famed Strip. The new project is scheduled to be complete in 2020 and hopes to be done by the time the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion is finished.

New York developer Steve Witkoff bought the property last August for $600 million and is currently partnering with Marriott International to relaunch the resort. Witkoff’s group announced that the new resort will feature nearly 4,000 guest rooms, allowing it to accommodate more than 600,000 annual visitors to Las Vegas. The property will encompass three separate brands: the iconic and luxurious JW Marriott, the boutique brand Edition, and a new hotel called the Drew. The resort’s official name will be The Drew Las Vegas, as the Drew will occupy the most space within the property.

The resort will delight guests with an 8-acre pool deck, a casino, an upscale retail space, 20 restaurants, and various entertainment options. Not only will business travelers be able to take advantage of the property’s 500,000 square feet of meeting space, but the resort will also be connected directly to the Las Vegas Convention Center along Elvis Presley Boulevard.

West Coast Fitness Vacations

If you’ve been looking forward to taking a vacation and want to spend time doing yoga, exercising and meditating while you take some time away from the norm, you’re in luck. There are a number of west coast destinations that will help you stick to your fitness goals while centering your mind and body as you make the most of vacation time.

Spiritual retreats like Vacaville California’s Silent Stay Retreat Hermitage is the perfect facility to help you get some peace and quiet during vacation. The owners of the retreat run a similar wellness program in Assisi, and guests in both locations are encouraged to practice yoga and meditate. This is a great vacation to take if you want to travel solo; you won’t have to worry about the awkwardness of making conversation, since silence is actually preferred.

When you want to take a quality vacation that involves getting pampered, you can visit Baja, California’s Rancho La Puerta. This fitness resort was the first of its kind in North America, and provides personal training sessions for guests, as well as fitness classes, outdoor recreation activities, cooking classes and a variety of beauty treatments that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Want to know more about vacations on the west coast that will help you relax while you stick to your fitness goals? Visit www.huffingtonpost.com for more information.

A Look At Some Awesome Summer Road Trips In California

The California coast is famous for its beautiful beaches and mild year-round climate. However, there is much more to this coast than just the beaches. It is full of attractions that include mountains, museums, historic towns and lively communities. Here is just a tiny bit of what you can experience on a drive from San Francisco in the north to Los Angeles in the south.

When you begin your journey from San Francisco, you will want to head towards Carmel. Along the way to Carmel, you should head to Santa Cruz. It will help you transition into a more natural and peaceful environment than the hectic and urban San Francisco scape. After Santa Cruz and its boardwalk, an excellent place to go next is the city of Monterey. It is home to one of the largest Ocean Aquariums in the world.

When you reach the beachside town of Carmel, you should stop and rest there. There is plenty of food and charming little shops to explore. After you have rested, you should make your way towards the town of Cayucos. Right after you leave the vicinity of Carmel, you should notice bluffs and cliffs along the waterfront and hills on the opposite side.

Another highlight of this trip is the Bixby Creek Bridge which is as famous as it is scenic. As you continue driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, you should also begin seeing the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. There is plenty more to see and explore on your journey to Los Angeles. You can read more about it here as you plan a west coast trip down California’s Pacific Coast.

Parlour Cars Removed From Amtrak’s Coast Starlight Train

Travelers who are looking for a unique way to experience the Pacific Coast may want to consider taking Amtrak’s Coast Starlight train. Despite the fact that this train no longer has parlour cars because of the high maintenance cost, the spectacular views along the way will amaze travelers.

Riders can choose to ride the train from Seattle to Los Angeles or from Los Angeles to Seattle. The train runs on a daily basis. They can also choose to stop at numerous points along the way. For example, bikers and white water rafters may want to consider adding a stop in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Dunsmuir, California. This is also a great area for a hike.Additionally, the train will pass along high rocky coastline along the Pacific Ocean, through the Cascade Mountains on its 30-hour journey. Riders can enjoy views of San Francisco Bay, Puget Sound and Mount Rainier.

A park ranger will board the train as it passes through Klondike Goldrush National Historical Park in Seattle or Portland, Oregon, to teach riders about the exciting history that happened there. Another park ranger will get on the train as it passes along the Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail.

This train is equipped with sleeping and dining cars. Those who choose to upgrade to business class can enjoy a complimentary wine and cheese event.

This trip that is usually priced at $180 when booked in advance often goes on sale making it a great way to explore the area without having to worry about traffic.

Tourists Leary of Travel To California After Latest Predictor

California is known to be prone to earthquakes due to the high number of fault lines. With some destructive, and even fatal, earthquakes in the past, Californians are prepared at all times for this type of catastrophe. However, what about those traveling to California. A new warning from geologists has tourists rethinking their travel plans.

Travel worries began when an earthquake predictor’s findings suggested a large earthquake could happen soon. Relying on astrology and Earth’s alignment with other planets, the predictor suggests it will happen sometime between February 21 and March 7.

“In this timeframe a rare geometry will cause a significant seismic increase, with probably one or two magnitude 7.8 earthquakes at least,” David Schwartz, a US Geological Survey (USGS) geologist explains. “But there is a definitely the potential for mega-thrust earthquake with magnitude 8 or even 9.”

Recently, other seismic predictors have also provided evidence that California is due for a powerful and large scale earthquake in the near future. After witnessing several small quakes, many experts have warned about being prepared if traveling to California. There are no formal travel risks, but there are a few things that you can do to make sure you are safe.

First, make sure that your travel insurance will protect you if anything should happen while on your trip. You should also remain aware of your surroundings and know where you should take cover if an earthquake were to happen.

It is important to note that California has not experienced an earthquake greater than a magnitude 7 since the catastrophic quake of 1906.

New Culinary Cruise Inspired by Mexican Cuisine

Princess Cruises has announced that its fourth Culinary Cruise will depart Los Angeles on March 22. The cruise theme this year will be local cuisine from Mexico and California. The company’s Ruby Princess will sail down the coast from Los Angeles on a four-day trip, serving various types of Mexican food to its hungry passengers.

Bill Esparza, a food writer for Los Angeles Magazine, is hosting the cruise. Esparza’s family hails from Aguascalientes, Mexico, and he has traveled throughout Latin America, studying and sampling local foods. He recently released his first book, L.A. Mexicano: Recipes, People and Places, an account of Mexican food in Los Angeles.

Chef Sabina Bandera, known as Mexico’s Street Food Queen, will also take part in the cruise. The proprietor of the La Guerrerense food stand in Ensenada, Mexico, Bandera has achieved recognition for her famous ceviche, attracting chefs like Anthony Bourdain and celebrities like Alejandro Fernández and Dita Von Teese.

Bandera will be joined in the kitchen by Carlos Salgado, the executive chef at the Taco María in Costa Mesa, California. Salgado specializes in Mexican-American cuisine and has won many awards for his dishes, including a 2015 Best Chef Award from Food & Wine.

During the four-day cruise, the chefs will provide cooking demonstrations for passengers. For those who are more interested in relaxing with a beverage, the cruise will offer bartending classes and tequila tastings. Passengers can also view films on the ship’s outdoor movie theater and play miniature golf on the ship’s putting green.

Huge Exodus In The San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area is currently witnessing a massive exodus of its citizens. Of course, it is a bustling metropolitan area where people come and go all of the time. The amount of people leaving has hit the highest level that the Bay Area has seen in more than ten years. All types of people, young and old, and are leaving for greener pastures.

Those who are not enlightened about the conditions of the Bay Area and California, at large, may wonder why an area that is known to be so beautiful is being abandoned by so many people.

There is a plethora of reasons for why people are leaving. The number one reason is the fact that housing is way too expensive, and there is simply not enough of it.

Of course, sometimes homes and apartments are out of people’s price ranges. However, in California the housing crisis is so serious that even high skilled professionals are finding it extremely difficult to attain affordable housing.

Many people also do not agree with the politics of the state. California is a sanctuary state, which means that it protects undocumented immigrants from threats of deportation. American Californians who don’t agree with the sanctuary situation feel that the rights of “illegal immigrants” are wrongfully put before theirs. They also feel that the resources are being spread too thin, and crime is being encouraged.

The Bay Area has the largest outflow in the nation, and its outflow outnumbers its inflow. Cities with the most inflow include Nashville, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Atlanta.

Recent News Article About Travel to the West Coast USA

Traveling to the West Coast of the USA was a noteworthy decision by one of the first pencil making companies in the USA, the General Pencil Company. Founded by Edward Weissenborn in 1889 and located in Jersey City Heights, New Jersey, he originally called his company The American Pencil Company. Mr. Weissenborn learned and brought the art of pencil making from his native Germany and six generations later, the company is still owned and operated by the Weissenborn family.
In 1923, the operation became the General Pencil Company and in 1965 they broadened their horizons and set up a new location in Redwood City, California. This enabled them to cater to the Western USA markets, and to be closer to the supply of incense Cedar wood, the material used for encasing graphite, wax and other raw materials to form pencils. http://www.generalpencil.com/ Many of the hand making methods, brought from Germany by Edward Weissenborn in the 19th century, are still used in their California and New Jersey locations today. Art shops and office suppliers sell an extensive range of their quality products, which include charcoal sticks, water color pencils and pastel chalks.
Through the generations, the descendants of Edward Weissenborn have learned and participated in the art of pencil making and today they determine the running practices of the company. Each one of the company’s pencils is carefully encased in incense Cedar wood, one of the reasons the company traveled to the West Coast of the USA.

Beautiful Food Along the West Coast

For many, the most treasured souvenirs from a trip are the photographs taken of family, friends, and the unique sights of the region as a reminder of the trip. Combine the special feeling of a photo from a memorable trip with the enduring trend of taking pictures of meals to be posted to social media websites like Instagram and it’s clear to see why so many travelers are flocking to restaurants with photogenic foods across the country.

The competition to become the most photogenic food in America is fierce, whether it is an elegant farm-to-table dish in earth tones or one of the trendy pastel “unicorn” food items bedecked with edible glitter. The amount and variety of beautiful dishes being created by chefs is simply astounding! What is less surprising is the fact that many of the foods ranked most photogenic are to be found along the West Coast of the United States. The West Coast is home to many naturally beautiful foods, such as the massive variety of fresh seafood to be found along the coast. And of course, there are enough trendy cities dotted along the coast to make room for many niches for special, photogenic foods. If you’re planning a trip to the West Coast with an avid photographer, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to see these one of a kind culinary creations – and to snap a picture while you’re at it! These foods are only almost too beautiful to eat, it’s a good thing that photographs last forever!