Making a Trip to Disneyland in California

Disneyland is the destination of a lifetime, perfect for both the young and the old. The monumental park attractions, rides and shows make this California hot spot one you’ll never forget. Unfortunately, because the park is so large and the trip can be so expensive, it can often be difficult to find the joy out of taking your kids on vacation. Screaming children, swollen feet and a tight budget can make the trip seem like a waste of time and funds. Planning ahead is your best asset, as there are over 50 attractions between the two parks, not including available restaurants, shows and shops.


You don’t have to plan out your trip to the precise minute, as this can delude your fun, but you should try to plan your trip so that you don’t miss anything without forcing your family to walk both parks every single day. Plan a specific section of the park for each day, ensuring that you make use of all the amenities and activities in that particular area. Prediction travel sites can be used to determine how crowded the park will be on any given day, giving you the ability to change your plans accordingly.


Fastpass is essential for travelers who want to go to Disneyland, experience the rides but who don’t want to stand on the long lines. Fastpass is given to you at the time you enter the park and is only available within the hour that is printed on the ticket. This pass allows you to board a specific ride without the line that is waiting there, saving you tons of time and giving you the chance to use that saved time for other activities (source). Dressing comfortably for your trip is incredibly important, as the hot California sun may be a little too searing for travelers from the east coast.


Tourist Attraction The Pioneer Cabin Tree Has Fallen

Earlier this month, The Pioneer Cabin Tree had completely been destroyed. It was a tree that had a hole cut into the base for travelers to pass through. It had been destroyed by an intense winter storm that came through.


One of the strongest storms in ten years had hit the area. The roots were very shallow so it was not able to hold up against the unusually strong storm. The tree had previously been reported to becoming brittle and was leaning slightly to one side. All but one branch remained on the tree prior to the storm, showing that the tree was already in poor condition.


Drive through trees were popularly carved out in California during the 19th century. Trees used were typically redwoods or sequoia trees. These have been popular tourist attractions in the West Coast.


The Pioneer Cabin Tree was originally created from a fire. It obtained it’s name as a “Cabin Tree” since it almost resembled a cabin. It was later expanded so that a complete tunnel was made for vehicles to pass through. Pictures of people inside of the free made for popular postcards.


The Pioneer Tree was a sequoia tree located at the Calaveras Big Trees State Park. The tree is well over 1,000 years old before it had died. It was over 33 feet in diameter and estimated at over 280 feet tall. The founder of Murphys Hotel, James Sperry, was the first to draw tourism to the tree. He was also responsible for expanding the size of the hole in the tree. Hikers commonly passed through the tree since it was a part of the North Grove Loop hiking trail.


Graffiti was permitted by tourists during the 19th century. It wasn’t prohibited until 1930. There were many markings made by visitors, typically marking their names on the tree.


Low-Cost Travel to the West Coast by Train

Train travel may not be the glamorous experience it once was, but it is still an economical way to travel to the West Coast. If you have time to travel but do not want to pay for air travel, a train may be the answer. Thanks to Amtrak, you can travel all the way from New York City to the West Coast for a very low price.

According to the Daily Star, it is possible to travel from one U.S. coast to the other for as little as £173 (i.e., about $213 U.S.). With insider strategies from Derek Low, a travel blogger, it is possible to book train travel across the U.S. for that low cost. The trip includes stops in Chicago, Denver, and Salt Lake City, and takes about four days if you do not make any stops. The relevant post on Derek Low’s blog has been shared nearly four million times. The Daily Star piece focuses on travel from the West Coast to the East Coast, but the same low cost can be achieved for travel in the opposite direction.

Traveling by train provides some unexpected benefits. Amtrak seats are much more spacious than coach seats on an airplane. The California Zephyr train includes an observation car with observation windows that allow passengers to watch the passing scenery. Boarding the train is much simpler than boarding an airplane; you just show your ticket and hop onto the train. A train trip is also a great opportunity to meet other tourists in a casual setting.

Most tourists heading for the West Coast overlook this option. With a little planning, though, a train trip can be both affordable and fun.


Have the Disney Trip of a Lifetime

Disneyland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and the two parks available in their California location are the most favored. Traveling to the west coast and making a trip to Disneyland will be one of the most unforgettable vacations your family will ever experience. Disney has designed their parks to be ideal for both the young and the old, as there is something for everyone to enjoy while there. Their Harry Potter themed area, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is one of the newest attractions in the park, opening in April of 2016.


Some travelers visit Disney just for the shops and restaurants, as these are attractions in and of themselves. You can get a great deal on your vacation package when you plan your trip in advance. Disneyland is less crowded and thus, less expensive, during the first week of January and the entire month of September. Because you’ll be traveling to the west coast, the frigid temperatures associated with east coast living is not a factor when traveling in January. You can often save a lot of money when traveling during these months as many hotels lower their rates.


If you live on the east coast or anywhere that experiences cold weather, make sure to bring along clothing that is specific to summertime wear. The California sun can be sweltering during the day, so the last thing you’re going to want is to be wearing a heavy sweater every day because you thought it’d be colder. Comfortable shoes are your best friend when walking the park as there are over 50 different rides and attractions between the two parks alone (source). Crowd calculators can alert you of especially busy times for the park, further allowing you to avoid them and experience shorter ride lines.


Why You Should Take Your Kids on a Trip to Yosemite This Year

If you’ve never been to California, it’s definitely one of the best states to visit in the Union. But the thing about California is that it’s huge, and there are so many amazing things to see there that it can be a daunting idea for a vacation.


There is one site, however, that is a can’t miss, and that’s Yosemite National Park. This is by far one of the best sites to see, and it’s best visited with kids. If you have children, seeing the sites of Yosemite National Park will change their lives and make them better for it. When you’re there, there are the things at Yosemite that you must do with your kids.


  1. Try an art workshop.


The Yosemite Art Center offers amazing art workshops for both kids and adults. These are one-hour classes that can lead kids in drawing or painting or help them complete another fun project.


  1. Take a picnic.


Swinging Bridge is an awesome place for amazing views of Yosemite Falls, and there’s also a great place for sitting and eating. Picnic tables are all around, and the area makes the perfect place for enjoying lunch with a view.


  1. Check out the huge sequoia trees.


Naturally, the sequoia trees of Yosemite Park can’t be missed. You can walk through the trees on your own, or you can go through them with a guided tour.


  1. Check out a full-moon on a bike.


Amazingly, there are bike rentals available at night, and this can make an awesome trip for kids and adults alike. When there’s a full moon, the trips leave at 8:30 pm, and you really will be traveling by moonlight!


All of these adventures and more can make for great family memories. Check out Yosemite Park for yourself and see how fun it could be for you and your family!


West Coast Travel Is Wet And Wild In January 2017

The four-year drought that has made the West Coast look like a giant dried up prune is coming to an end. The recent rain and flooding in Northern and Southern California weren’t the sign some residents wanted to mark the end of the drought, but they got it anyway. The heavy rain and the heavy mountain snow that made skiers feel like California was the mecca it once was for skiing made some Californians welcome the winter deluge.



After several days of dry weather, the West Coast is bracing for another round of wet weather. Storms are rolling back into California, and that will put a bug in thousands of travel plans during the final weeks of January 2017. The West Coast can expect heavy rain, fierce winds and interior ice and snow. More storms will follow in the weeks to come, so it’s going to be great for skiers in the Rockies, and a nightmare filled with flooding for other people.



The question is will the heavy rain and flooding really put an end to the drought? The four-year drought has cost the West Coast millions of dollars in lost revenue, and it put in place a water conservation policy that has turned the green grass in some areas into a lifeless beige color. The answer is maybe. California’s biggest reservoirs are swelling. The Sierra Nevada Mountains have gotten more snow, sleet, rain, and hail as any year on record. Los Angeles is coping with mudslides and dangerous floods once again. If the storms keep coming in 2017, the experts say the drought will be over. Even though the flooding and the nasty weather is taking a toll on the West Coast, the real villain, the drought, may be gone for another 100 years, and that’s really good news.