Best Haunted Houses To Visit Traveling to the West Coast of the USA

Summertime is the season for road trips, but if you’re willing to wait until late fall to take that road trip, you can spice it up with a little terror. Here are some of the best haunted houses you should visit on a road trip heading to the west coast.


Trail of Terror

Wallingford, CT


Rated 4.5/5 stars on Yelp, this haunted trail promises frights like you’ve never experienced. A winding trail with different areas makes it feel like a labyrinthian path connecting multiple worlds with special lighting, talented actors, and detailed props. Very popular, so the lines are long. Buy tickets in advance.


Darkside Haunted House

Wading River, NY


Rated 4.5/5 stars on Yelp, this haunted house is a heart attack factory as soon as you step up to the front door. Boasting a cast of dedicated actors, realistic sets, and two locations straight out of a horror film, Darkside Haunted House is not for the faint at heart!


Field of Screams

Mountville, PA


Rated 4/5 stars on Yelp, this large haunted field contains six different attractions and a thoroughfare of merchandise, food, haunted games, and music. The attractions are brought to eerie life with lit pumpkins, grotesque decorations, and professional actors. A bit pricey for VIP passes, but well worth the drive and the price!


Basement of the Dead

Aurora, IL


Rated 4/5 stars on Yelp, this haunted house has three unique experiences. Not many details are given, but you are put into different rooms with only one way to get out of each room: you must escape using puzzles, fight with laser tag, and survive the horrors. Sure to get your adrenaline pumping!


Fright Factory

Buckley, WA


Rated 4.5/5 stars on Yelp, we’ve finally arrived at the west coast and to the doorstep of hell. This haunted house is NOT suitable for children. With detailed sets and creepy actors, this is a short, but thrilling trip down into the circles of terror.


Travel Healthy In California

Health reports show that California is one of the healthiest states in the nation. Some studies show that part of that equation is how much there is to do outdoors there, and the fact that many locals really take advantage of it. There is also the difficulty of keeping your diet on track while travelling. California is known for its healthy food options. If you decide to go on a west coast trip yourself, you can be lucky enough to take advantage of this as a part of your vacation.


Often, staying active on vacation can be difficult. Hotel gyms are not always the best, while plane and car travel keep you stationary. Airplane food is not good, if existent, and the airport, though better, is not always as great as you might like.


This is why visits to the many great, healthy restaurants along the west coast should be a part of your trip. So many choices, from fantastic Pacific seafood to locally grown produce are all waiting. Many of the famous Napa wine tours have delicious and healthy food associated with them. Healthy choices are easy to find in almost every city in the state.


Perhaps the most important part of a healthy, west coast trip is the many outdoor activities. The many national and state parks available there is some of the best hiking in the world. This article on Huffington Post talks about the seven best hikes in California. That list contains some of the most beautiful and historic spots in the United States.


And, of course, there are the beach and other water options. Everyone knows of the beauty of southern California beaches, or the majesty of the rocky coasts up north, but the rivers also contain some best whitewater and rafting in the nation.


Even if some of these choices are more than you might want to take on, make sure to take time to take care of yourself during your west coast vacation.


More People Saving Money on Their Trip to the West Coast

Going on vacation is a great way to get away from the boredom of everyday life, but it can also be too costly for most families. If you’ve been trying to take a trip to the west coast, you know how expensive it can be to make flight arrangements, hotel reservations and pay for all the attractions while you’re there. Thankfully, there are a multitude of ways that will help you save a ton of money when making your next trip to the west coast.


It is important to know that the longer you give yourself to plan the trip, the more money you’ll save. This is ideal for individuals who are on strict budgets and don’t necessarily have the money to pay full price. If you try to make arrangements last minute, expect to pay full price for flights and hotels with very little monetary breaks. You can also make use of deal websites that enable you to get money off of the trip when you bundle items together. For instance, if you’re going to be bundling your flight and hotel together in one, you can save hundreds of dollars as opposed to booking both of these things separately.


You might also want to consider the benefits of renting a car when traveling to the west coast. It can be incredibly expensive to always rely on taxis and other car sharing services. If you don’t have it within your budget to hire a taxi several times a day just to get to different locations, you need to rent a car of your own. Rental cars aren’t expensive at all, and they provide you and your family the freedom that you all need to get around while you’re on vacation. Many vacation planning sites offer deals to those who bundle flights, hotels and rental cars together so that you wind up saving a ton of money long-term because of the planning you have done in advance.


Why People Plan in Advance When Traveling to the West Coast

California is the sunshine state of the U.S., and it’s where so many people travel when it comes to getting away from it all and having a worthwhile vacation. Once you make the decision to travel to the west coast, it’s important that you plan accordingly. Without making the proper arrangements, it can be difficult to know that you’re doing things correctly and will actually get to see everything that you’d like. There are many ways for you to plan out the trip, but the most important thing is to understand what you want to do while there and how much time you have to see the different attractions.


Once you know where you’ll be going, it’s vital that you plan the trip well in advance to get the best price for everything. The main issue a lot of travelers have is that it’s just too expensive to go on vacation, and this is partly due to the fact that they are booking hotels and flights last minute. If you give yourself a few weeks to a few months to plan the trip, you’ll find that it is actually cheaper for you in the long run. This makes the trip a lot easier on your budget and it doesn’t cause you to feel badly about the price that you’ll be paying. It is just as crucial to have some money for yourself while there as well, as you’ll be going to restaurants and buying goods that you can then bring home.


West Coast Travel Expected to Increase

The West Coast of the United States is often considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world. While the west coast is a popular travel destination every year, some were concerned that the area would be impacted by the variety of proposed travel bans. However, a recent study has predicted that the 2017 summer travel season could be a record breaking year for tourism and travel in the west coast (


Overall, the Southern California Automobile Club has predicted that travel in the west coast would be up more than three percent compared to prior years. There are several reasons for this. One of the top reasons for travel will be the fact that the overall economy in the United States has continued to improve. Now that the housing market and overall economy seem stable, there are more people that are looking to take trips domestically across the country.


Overall, the west coast will have a number of popular destinations for travelers. One of the top locations for travelers will be the cities of San Diego and Las Vegas, which are frequently two of the top domestic travel destinations in this part of the country. Another reason why some believe that the west coast will be busy this year is that we are now one year removed from the centennial anniversary for a number of major national and state parks. It is believed that some tourists took the year off last year to avoid some of the larger crowds.


Planning Your Trip to Disney

Disney World in California is a prime tourist destination for many travelers. It’s a great place for both kids and adults alike, as there are a plethora of activities and things to do while there. When it comes to actually traveling to the park, it’s important to plan out your trip accordingly so that it goes as smoothly as possible. The way to do this is by making arrangements months in advance to ensure that you are not only able to get a reasonable flight for a decent price, but also a hotel room where you’ll be comfortable staying.


Another important aspect to consider when traveling to the west coast is creating an itinerary that you and your family can follow. With this type of schedule, it’s easy to know which areas of the park you’re going to explore on which days. This is ideal for so many individuals who would otherwise miss sections because they do not know where to go. You can find a variety of maps and pamphlets on the park online, making it effortless on your part to figure out where you’ll be going on any given day. Once you make the trip to Disney with your loved ones and friends, you’ll realize why so many have said it’s the happiest place on earth. There are so many amazing things to check out within the park itself, making it an ideal hot spot for adults and kids who just want to have some fun away from home.


Where to Plan Your Next West Coast Trip

The scene of the U.S. West Coast amongst Seattle and Los Angeles is the absolute most lovely on the planet. It has the volcanoes of the Cascade Range, high cascades, old redwood timberlands, forested coastlines, enormous streams, untamed natural life, and the exuberant soul of the west. The full wonderfulness of the Pacific Ocean is in plain view when you go along the coastline. However, you need to be adventurous to see it. It takes two days on Interstate 5 to cover the 1,100 miles amongst Seattle and Los Angeles – one day for those who move quickly. However, in the event that you back off and explore the real roadway course, everything changes. In spite of the fact that you can’t turn out badly with any route, there are such a large number of efficient approaches that you ought to invest some time into. By investigating what every region brings to the table, you can broaden a day here or shorten one somewhere else. Lease a vehicle, drive one way and fly back, head back on I-5, or spend an entire weekend on the West coast. Overall, traveling to this part of America is a trip to remember. Because of the numerous possibilities, you won’t have a lack of options to explore. Make sure to pack accordingly and bring your best camera. The scenery along the I-5 is truly something to behold.


West Coast Renters Gain Higher Leverage In 2017

The great recession in 2010 shook off many people in the real estate market. Homeowners practically lost their property while renters bled out due to increased rent rates. In 2017, the apartment market is raving with huge demands from buyers and renters alike. But high rental prices have recently stabilized since the Great Recession in 2010.


The west coast rent growth rose to 150 basis points beyond the long-term average in 2010-2016 market recovery periods. Apartment renters saw a huge relief in reduced rates from late last year.2017 began with promising further declines in markets where rents were at an all time high.


Slow rent growth in 2017 shall benefit renters as opposed to landlords. During the last six years, in the west coast area, the standard annual rent hike averaged $516. It’s expected to decrease to about $345 in 2017, showing annual savings of about $172.


Ranking the Markets

Out of the 54 U.S. metro cities analyzed, those on the west coast showed yearly savings vary from $8 to $2,650, with average declines of $360 from the 2010-2016 average price. Prime markets like the San Francisco Bay Area, are expected to produce negative rent growth this year. Stable smaller markets are taking up the market rates drop, according to Axiometrics high-rise data.


Trends by Market


Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco lead the coastal area for the majority savings in 2017. San Jose apartment renters may pay an estimated lower cost of $2,647 a year compared to the last five years average rent. These markets witnessed a massive rent increase in the past, producing absurd unsustainable rates over the long term.


The positive change in flexible values in 2017, against to the long-term past rates reveal renters not ready to pay high rates in these markets. The impact of new apartment units, combined with emerging homeowners and a growing job market will eventually soften the escalating rent rates throughout 2017.


In this case, fluctuating degrees of elasticity reveal how renters respond to trends in rent in the west coast region. Housing is unpredictable, which means price hikes or drops do not entirely affect the supply demand chain in the property market.


Rent increase or decrease depends on the outlook of residents in every market. Where renters are not mindful of escalating property rates, the increase poses a minor factor in their property shopping decisions.

The American West Coast is Ripe for Gastronomical Tourism

Tourists in the United States who are looking for the best cuisine they can taste during their visits should strongly consider staying in the West Coast. According to the 2017 list of Best New Chefs published by Food & Wine Magazine, more than half of the selected chefs are from California, Oregon and Washington.


Up until the late 20th century, New York, Miami and New Orleans routinely topped the lists of best chefs; however, that no longer seems to be the case. The West Coast has been quietly dominating the American gastronomical scene, and this is a trend that many tourists are noticing.


Some of the best restaurants in the United States are either located in the West Coast or are otherwise managed by West Coast chefs. One such restaurant is Han Oak in Portland, operated by a chef who trained in New York before moving back home to open a Korean eatery that specializes in noodles, dumplings and barbecues.


The abundance of fresh produce in California, Oregon and Washington is another reason why local chefs are either returning or choosing to stay in the West Coast. Such is the case of Kismet, a trendy restaurant in Los Angeles that features a Mediterranean menu. It so happens that California’s agriculture offers many of the fresh ingredients needed in Turkish, Greek and Italian recipes, and this is something that chefs can certainly appreciate.


Another restaurant attracting many tourists is Californios, located in San Francisco. This restaurant is dedicated to the fusion of Californian and Mexican cuisines, and the result is tastier than Tex-Mex.


Chinese Tourists Flock to the West Coast in Search of Nature

Oregon is one of the most pristine tourism destinations in the West Coast of the United States, and this happens to be what many Chinese tourists are looking for these days.


Disneyland, Las Vegas and San Francisco are still popular tourism spots for tourists arriving from China, but those who are returning for a second and even third visit are more interested in the sheer natural beauty of Oregon as well as its culinary offerings.


According to a recent article published in China Daily, officials in charge of the Oregon Tourism Commission have noticed an emerging trend among Chinese tourists in the sense that they are more attracted to clean water, fresh air, pristine views, fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood cuisine, and craft beers. One of the reasons behind this travel trend is that many cities in China are overly industrialized and have lost their natural beauty.


Now that Chinese tourists can be approved for a 10-year travel visa to visit the U.S., tourism officials in Oregon are excited about the opportunity to lure more visitors. At the Active America-China Summit, a tourism industry meeting that took place in Portland in April, attendees noted that the $226 million spent by Chinese tourists in 2016 could be increased with the right marketing approach.


The most popular nature attraction for Chinese visitors is the Crater Lake National Park. These tourists are also very interested in visiting craft breweries and catching Portland Trailblazer when teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics visit.