Recent News Article About Travel to the West Coast USA

Traveling to the West Coast of the USA was a noteworthy decision by one of the first pencil making companies in the USA, the General Pencil Company. Founded by Edward Weissenborn in 1889 and located in Jersey City Heights, New Jersey, he originally called his company The American Pencil Company. Mr. Weissenborn learned and brought the art of pencil making from his native Germany and six generations later, the company is still owned and operated by the Weissenborn family.
In 1923, the operation became the General Pencil Company and in 1965 they broadened their horizons and set up a new location in Redwood City, California. This enabled them to cater to the Western USA markets, and to be closer to the supply of incense Cedar wood, the material used for encasing graphite, wax and other raw materials to form pencils. Many of the hand making methods, brought from Germany by Edward Weissenborn in the 19th century, are still used in their California and New Jersey locations today. Art shops and office suppliers sell an extensive range of their quality products, which include charcoal sticks, water color pencils and pastel chalks.
Through the generations, the descendants of Edward Weissenborn have learned and participated in the art of pencil making and today they determine the running practices of the company. Each one of the company’s pencils is carefully encased in incense Cedar wood, one of the reasons the company traveled to the West Coast of the USA.

Beautiful Food Along the West Coast

For many, the most treasured souvenirs from a trip are the photographs taken of family, friends, and the unique sights of the region as a reminder of the trip. Combine the special feeling of a photo from a memorable trip with the enduring trend of taking pictures of meals to be posted to social media websites like Instagram and it’s clear to see why so many travelers are flocking to restaurants with photogenic foods across the country.

The competition to become the most photogenic food in America is fierce, whether it is an elegant farm-to-table dish in earth tones or one of the trendy pastel “unicorn” food items bedecked with edible glitter. The amount and variety of beautiful dishes being created by chefs is simply astounding! What is less surprising is the fact that many of the foods ranked most photogenic are to be found along the West Coast of the United States. The West Coast is home to many naturally beautiful foods, such as the massive variety of fresh seafood to be found along the coast. And of course, there are enough trendy cities dotted along the coast to make room for many niches for special, photogenic foods. If you’re planning a trip to the West Coast with an avid photographer, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to see these one of a kind culinary creations – and to snap a picture while you’re at it! These foods are only almost too beautiful to eat, it’s a good thing that photographs last forever!

Alaska Airlines Adds 13 Flights from Seattle

Alaska Airlines announced Tuesday that they will be adding 13 daily flights to their roster from Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Most of the flights will go to California; new flights will be offered to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose. Additional flights will also go to Las Vegas, Phoenix and Portland.

In May 2017, Alaska Airlines first announced they would be flying out of Paine Field. However, company representatives stated that they would only be offering 9 daily flights. With their new announcement, they have since expanded that number to 13.

The airline expects to start the new nonstop flights in fall 2018, when Paine Field will begin providing commercial service. Paine Field will also be the site of a new $20-million passenger terminal constructed to service Alaska Airlines passengers. Alaska is not the only major airline to move into the airport. United Airlines announced in August that they will offer six flights from Paine Field, starting in 2018.

Founded in 1932, Alaska Airlines is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The legacy carrier has earned the top ranking for customer satisfaction from J.D. Power and Associates every year since 2007. In 2017, its mileage rewards plan was also ranked first by U.S. News & World Report among American airlines.

Currently, Alaska Airlines flies out of Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, the region’s largest airport. By adding flights from Paine Field, Alaska Airlines hopes to attract customers who do not wish to make the hour drive south to the larger airport.

Shasta Lake, California

The city of Shasta Lake, California, shares it’s name with, you guessed it, a lake! Not just any like, though, but the biggest man made reservoir in California. Originally founded as a housing ground for government workers on the Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake City has a long, and storied past with the great man made body of water. So much so, the county hosts a festival yearly called Damboree days, in celebration of the dam itself, without which there would be no Shasta Lake. The lake itself is home to a variety of water activities in the hot, dry summers, including waterboarding, fishing, jet skiing, and house-boating.

The various hiking trails that surround the lake showoff the incredible natural scenery of the area, and may even present travelers with a view of some of the indeginous wildlife, which include Ringtailed Cats, Blacktailed Deer, and elk. Hopefully not so much the Black Bear, Mountain Lions, and Bobcats who also call the area home. One of Shasta Lake’s most pursued past times, fishing, is made even better by the variety of fish which live within the lake itself. Several different species of Trout, both Large and Small Mouthed Bass, Blue Gill, and various other breeds have been reported in the area by fishermen.

An avid historical society keeps record over the lake, which is on display at the society’s headquarters, and operates the county’s website, which you can visit for more information on the unique city of Shasta Lake, by visiting

Visitors Wait Hours To Buy Disneyland’s Limited Edition Candy Canes

Everyone knows Disneyland is a great Christmastime destination for travelers to the West Coast. Even if you’re a Disney fanatic, however, you might not know about this park’s most popular holiday-themed treat: hand-pulled candy canes.

Believe it or not, visitors actually wait for hours in multiple lines just to get their hands on this seasonal sensation. Demand for these candy canes has become so great that Disneyland authorities let people inside either Disneyland Park or California Adventure before they officially open to wait in the candy cane line.

Disneyland releases a candy cane schedule every year so everyone visiting knows when chefs will be making a fresh batch of candies. Disney’s chefs only make these candy canes from November through December.

Sadly, there aren’t enough candy canes for everyone who waits in line. Only people who receive a special wristband can actually order a candy cane. Each wristband tells customers when to come back to the stand to pay for their 18-inch candy cane.

It takes a great deal of prep work and labor to make even a small batch of these candy canes. Expert candy makers have to use special pulled sugar and peppermint in an extremely hot room. Guests can sometimes watch candy cane makers preparing the daily batch through the windows into Disneyland’s Trolley Treats or California Adventure’s Candy Palace.

These candy canes are so exclusive that it’s difficult for Disney cast members to try them. Two cast members who work at Trolley Treats admitted to reporters that they’ve never eaten one of the candy canes.

In case you were wondering, each candy cane costs $13. There is a limit to one candy cane per person.

History Huge in a West Coast Trip

If you decide to head toward the west coast of the United States for a vacation, everyone knows about the beautiful beaches, the fantastic cities, and sweeping vistas. But there is also a great deal of history to see in the American West as well, and it should be a part of any great, west coast road trip.


The first sites to think about visiting are the national parks and monuments. Many of them have historical significance themselves. The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and Museum is a great place if you are headed for Central California, or the John Muir National Historic Site close by as well. If you want to check out Southern California, visit the Cabrillo National Monument, which marks the landing of the first Spanish ship in San Diego Bay. In Northern California, you must see the Redwood National Park. Its historical importance lies in its very existence, as does that of Yosemite in the south, the first national park ever created.


If you are headed for the Pacific Northwest, they have plenty of history as well. The Lewis and Clark National Historical Park commemorates one of the most important moments in western exploration. More toward the interior, there is the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, which examines the pioneer history of one of the United States’ key lines of expansion. In Washington, there are places near Seattle like Fort Warden and the Klondike Gold Rush museum, which examines the history of Seattle’s role in that historical event.


One fascinating approach was taken by this reporter from the LA Times. He followed the steps of Mark Twain through Reno and further, chronicling the journey of the great American author on his own seven year tour of the west coast. One brilliant part of the Twain journey is that it follows near so many of the other great historical places on the western coast of the United States. You can do mulitple trips at once.


Privatization of the FAA and Air Travel to the West Coast of America

Air travel to the West Coast of America is perhaps the fastest way to get to your holiday destination on the West Coast. But each year travelers to holiday destinations on the West Coast often encounter major delays and other challenges. These delay challenges are linked to delays in the updating of takeoff and landing procedures. The slow incorporation of new technological advances renders the old systems less efficient. Airlines complain each year because these challenges cost them losses that amount to billions lost in flight delays.


The cause of these losses can be traced back to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) procurement procedures that are cumbersome. The bureaucratic procurement process that involves Congress often encounters congressional squabbling leading to procurement delays. Such delays often hinder technology updates, and new equipment that is procured is often no longer the latest technology by the time it is acquired.


However, now there is some hope at the end of the dark tunnel. President Donald Trump has announced a plan to privatize FAA by handing it over to the major airlines as a non-profit corporation. Most travelers may balk at the idea of privatization to airlines that often do not respond adequately to passenger complaints. But according to Andrew Hawkins of THE VERGE, the Union of Air Traffic Controllers, the President, and other stakeholders have already endorsed the plan, which outlines how such privatization will proceed.


This may not be a very welcome idea by travelers to the West Coast or any other regions. But there is a sure positive thing that may come out of it. The privatization may reduce procurement bureaucracy currently experienced from the government’s grip in FAA. In turn, this implies that acquisition of new technology will be quick, and flight delays, as well as other flight challenges, will be reduced. In the end, you may experience efficient and timely traveling, which will lead to cost reductions both for the airline and the travelers.


Planning Your Trip to the West Coast

Taking a vacation during the summer months can be a wonderful opportunity to get away from it all. It helps you to explore a new area and spend a lot more time with your loved ones. Unfortunately, taking such a lengthy trip can be daunting, expensive and frustrating, especially if you aren’t doing enough planning for smooth travel. The first step in planning out your trip to the west coast is to figure out where you’d like to go. If you’ll be spending a good majority of your time in Disney, you’ll obviously want to stay in or near the park for easy access.


Next, you’ll need to figure out if you’d like to go by plane or car. Taking a car extends the length of time it takes to get there, but it saves you a lot of money in the long run. If you choose to take a plane, you’ll be able to get great deals by booking the flight well in advance to the trip. The longer you give yourself to plan the trip, the more money you’ll be able to save. You can also look for a variety of discounts and deals specific to the flight you’ll be taking, which can save you additional money.


It’s a good idea for you to create a personal itinerary in order to understand what you’ll be seeing on what days. This allows you to see everything that the west coast has to offer without feeling like you’re running yourself ragged or feel confused as to what you need to go and see. Besides Disney, there are a ton of different things that you can do and see while you’re there. You should create a budget for yourself and your loved ones so that you do not overspend while on vacation, since it is easy to go over your specified budget without even realizing it. The more that you plan for the perfect trip, the more smoothly the vacation will be for you.


Western Sites To Visit This Independence Day

In a recent article from Architectural Digest posted on the Huffington Post, a list of the most beautiful US landmarks was compiled. Specifically, this list focused on places significant to the founding, development, and history of the country. For this reason, many of the suggested sights for a 4th of July vacation centered around New England and the mid-Atlantic, where the USA fought to become and eventually became its own country. The few suggestions for the Western part of the country, though, are arguably some of the most breath-taking places to visit in the nation.


  1. The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California


An icon of the amazing force that is the American entertainment industry, this sign was put up in 1923. Whether you gaze upon it from the city below or actually venture up the mountain, the Hollywood sign will strike the dreamer inside you.


  1. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California


Also known as “The Rock”, Alcatraz was the nation’s first maximum security prison. Here you can tour the place where many of the country’s most notorious criminals served their time. Even if you don’t go for the history, the views of San Francisco from the island and the breathtaking ferry ride to the island are worth the visit.


  1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona


Want to see the place that inspired so many settlers, cowboys, and artists? Plan a trip to the Grand Canyon. Whether you want to enjoy adventurous outdoor activities like hiking and white water rafting or relax by a campfire in nature’s beauty, there is something for everyone.


  1. The Hoover Dam, Nevada


Though it was originally built as a way to provide jobs to people during the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam continues to have significance today. It is one of the most awe-inspiring man-made structures in the country and helps control flooding of the gorgeous Colorado River.


How To Take A Road Trip Through California During The Winter

When thinking about taking a tour of the American West Coast, many people like to plan for a summer excursion because of the many beachside activities to indulge in during this period. However, what do you do when the only time you can take a vacation to California is during winter?


The image of the Pacific Highway that runs parallel to the coastline evokes memories of perfect sunny beaches, classic American cars, and long golden days. If you decide to go for a winter vacation in California, then it is recommended that you visit the following places:

  1. Monterey Peninsula

The geographical positioning of Monterey will give you a magnificent coastal view, alongside a collection of diverse cultural activities. Through the 17-mile Monterey Movie Tour, you can fully explore this region and visit some well-known places such as Carmel, Pacific Grove, Cannery Row, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


While taking a tour of Monterey, you will also get a chance to explore landmarks such as the Pebble Beach golf course and the Lone Cypress Tree.

  1. Los Angeles County

Even during the winter, the weather of Los Angeles and Santa Monica is sunny. This will allow you to experience an innovative Ferris Wheel powered using solar energy at the Pacific Park. You can also take a whale-watching cruise while you are at it.


The region is home to the Shore Hotel, one of the first hotels to receive LEED certification for its commitment towards sustainable tourism. The hotel is also strategically placed to afford you the best sunsets from the comfort of your room.

  1. San Francisco

The city is home to the world-renowned Pier 39 and its noisy sea lions. One of the best places to visit is the Fisherman’s Wharf, known for housing San Francisco’s best restaurants offering excellent seafood. Other notable locations include the Golden Gate Bridge, Fog Harbor Fish House, and Hotel Zephyr on the city’s waterfront.


  1. Yosemite National Park

Although it is a deviation from the traditional Pacific Highway tour, you will not regret the 3-hour drive from San Francisco. The park’s beautiful landscape is enhanced by the blanket of snow that covers it in winter. Staying at the Tenaya Lodge will enable you to fully explore the park’s waterfalls, mountain views such as Dewey Point, and the Ascent Spa.


Equipped with this knowledge, you can enjoy touring California in winter.