4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Wine

Shopping for wine should be fun, but it isn’t always. Often times, we stop at a wine shop at the last minute and find ourselves overwhelmed by overcrowded shelves and dusty bottles, only to leave having spent too much on something far from satisfying. We’ve compiled a list of the four most common pitfalls of wine shopping so that you can avoid them this holiday season.

  1. Don’t wait till the last minute. Wine experts don’t find the best wines by simply plucking them off the shelf with a bit luck. Take a few minutes out of your day to do a little research on what’s trending and try to compile a small list of wines for your home in your price range that you’d like to try. Country and Town House has compiled an excellent list of wines to try in 2016. Try finding a UK vintner near you that stocks these wines and talk to the merchant about setting up a tasting. Most shops do tasting toward the end of the week when more purchases are made.

2. Find out what you like. There are so many varieties of wines, from rich reds to fruity blends and dry whites. Don’t let your friends sway you in any one direction. While they may be recommending an amazing wine, it may not meet your personal taste expectations. Find a UK vintner that can help narrow your search. For example, The Vintner offers a rotating stock of 100 well-chosen wines.

3. Establish a budget, but expect to get what you paid for. As confusing as wine shops can be, the one thing that is fairly obvious is the prices. While there are some average bargain-priced wines, if you are looking to discover an expansive flavor profile you are going to have to spend more.

4. Trust your seller. While wine merchants are businessmen, many are truly in it for their love of wine. Find a UK vintner who is involved in the industry and frequently educate themselves. Take the famous Jolly Vinter Too (http://thejollyvintnertoo.co.uk/), in Bournemouth, for example. This guy has been operating his shop independently for over 35 years.

While the convenience of online UK vintners is impressive, sometimes the old-fashioned words of a shop owner can be truly inspiring. In this case, the Jolly Vintner tries everything that they stock. What more could you want than the owner’s approval?

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