Charles Koch Intended Support To Hilary Clinton Should Be Taken As A Warning by Donald Trump

Since 1967, Charles G. Koch has held the position of the chairperson of the board and CEO of Koch Industries. Since then, the company has performed well and transformed into a diverse and dynamic group of businesses with more than 100,000 employees worldwide. 60 percent of the employees are from the U.S., and the company has a presence in about 60 countries. The company’s expansion strategy has been the acquisition of other businesses. For instance, Koch Industries has spent more than $70 billion in acquisitions and other capital expenditures to acquire new businesses.

Charles Koch is also an author of various books pursuing his interest and commitment in scientific and social progress that led to the development and implementation of Market-Based Management (MBM) business philosophy. The two books about MBM includes “The Science of Success,” that was published in 2007 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The area of interest that has made Charles Koch famous is his involvement in politics and particularly his influence on the GOP. This year’s political field is one that is filled with controversies where the presumptive nominated candidate is opposed by many donors including Charles Koch. In an interview last week with ABC News Network, Koch expressed his disappointment with the Republican Party because of allowing party candidates to engage in personal attacks instead of focusing on ideological facts.

In the interview, he even revealed that Koch network was considering supporting Hilary Clinton if she stops being rhetoric or he might stay out of this year’s political arena altogether. According to Koch, the Republican Party nomination is being vied by terrible role models whose ideas goes against what America stands for. However, despite many people urging Donald Trump to unify the party after the recent win in Indiana, many political analysts think the priority for Trump is to engage the donors like Koch network to ensure they support him in the general election.

The donors such as Charles Koch do not only represent the financial assistance point of view; it is the reasons behind their support that is critical for them. The history of American politics has already proven that donors will continue pursuing their agenda regardless of whoever wins the election through funding activists. Therefore, it is critical that Trump engages the donors and accommodate their ideas.

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