Creating a Line of Communication Between Parent and Teacher Like Never Before

For many years, parents and teachers waited for their quarterly parent/teacher conferences to discuss the child’s education and classroom work, but now the ClassDojo app is making it where they have the opportunity to share information about the child on a regular basis. Teachers are able to share photos and videos of the child in the classroom environment throughout the week so the parents can be more involved in the things the child is doing. These things can include classwork, interacting with others, working on projects and even field trips and events. Parents are able to have a peek into their child’s life while at school and the work they are doing which in turn helps with the continuity of the education of the child.

The child is also able to share their work by posting photos and videos to their own personal digital portfolio on the ClassDojo app. This app can also be used by administration and teachers to post upcoming events and messages on the calendar so that the parents stay up to date on all school activities.

The ClassDojo app is now in about two-thirds of classrooms throughout the United States and this number is rapidly growing. It is easy to see why this app is so popular as it has bridged the gap in communication between parents and teachers and has created a communication platform that has improved the child’s education. Having the parent know more about the child’s work they are in doing in class helps the parent to be able to help the child more when the child comes home from school.

Parents and teachers are able to communicate by private text messaging through this app which allows them to have access to each other on a regular basis to discuss anything regarding the child.

Class Dojo is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools between the ability to communicate with parents and having every one on the same track for the child’s education. It is a great time to be parent with a child in school as you can have more access to the school using this app like parents have never had before. While there still may be parent/teacher conferences set up, parents and teachers can communicate more through this app in the meantime which only improves the child’s educational experience and promotes a connection between parent and teacher and student.