David Giertz Columbus Social Security Investment Advisor

David Giertz is a financial advisor with Nationwide Financial with an expertise in social security. He says in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that its important to talk with clients about social security, in fact he says a recent survey notes that four out of five clients would change advisors if their financial advisor did not talk about social security. He says while the topic is complex, it’s important as clients could lose up to $300,000 over 25 years if social security investments were not maid properly. As an indication the social security handbook is 2700 pages long- indicating how complex the rules of social security investing is. Its very important for a client to optimize their investment. Also, social security investments could make up to forty percent of a clients portfolio, indicating that in terms of volume it is also quite important and clients should take this area seriously.

Giertz is a registered FINRA broker, and qualified to give to advice on a wide range of investments. Nationwide sells securities and financial investments such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Giertz has considerable experience in the securities industry and as a financial advisor.

He was the president of Nationwide Financial Services, and delivering strong operating results including growing revenue from $11bn to $17 bn. He is highly rated by Gallup, and also worked at Citigroup before coming to Nationwide. He was also previously regional vice president at Nationwide in Miami FL for seven years. He initially began as an advisor and then was promoted to Area Director. He holds an executive MBA from the University of Miami. David Giertz has advised across a broad range of investment products including including Life Insurance products and annuities. He also served as a Trustee at Miliken University where he served on the Budget and Finance Committee.