Defending Human Rights Through Film

When it comes to being a leading human rights advocate in the world of film and charity, Thor Halvorssen has the field beat. His work has elevated him to become somewhat of a global celebrity gaining the support of producers such as Quentin Tarantino and Lucy Liu. Thor Halvorssen is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a gigantic gathering that is dedicated towards getting people together to discuss and celebrate human rights initiatives. It is through this work that he has established himself as one of the current leaders in teaching new generations about humanitarianism and ways in which individuals can become active and support the community.

Beginnings and Direction

Thor Halvorssen was born into a very diverse background. His father was arrested and imprisoned. While his father taken into custody Thor Halvorssen then pushed to create a resistance in form of a protest via Amnesty International in order to release his dad from the confinement he had been placed in. This proved to be one of Halvorssen’s most successful early projects. Thor Halvorssen’s dad was only but one of the things that would spur on his decision to make films and stand up for the rights of individuals with constricted rights.

Lucent Technologies Holding China Accountable

Lucent Technologies was one of Halvorssen’s first big projects in which he would set out to hold China responsible for their actions. This action was crafted in order to hold China and other countries responsible for the use of slave labor in the work force. Many companies underpay and overwork their workers and Thor Halvorssen’s movement to help regulate misdeeds has gone down as a commendable deed.

The Future of Human Rights Film Making

Thor Halvorssen continues to construct influential positive films that bring problems to the forefront. Films such as the Sugar Babies and The Singing Revolution highlight human trafficking and singing for peace. These films have all been crafted by Halvorssen in order to highlight topical issues through the utilization of his stance in society and power he holds. Halvorssen continues to look for new issues in which to stand up for via his films and continues to be one of the top human rights film makers and producers.