Disneyland Announces New Restaurant By Jungle Cruise

Foodies on the West Coast can look forward to yet another amazing eatery at Anaheim’s Disneyland Theme Park in the near future. Disney execs just announced they are working on a new dining area near the popular Jungle Cruise ride in Adventureland.

This new restaurant, named The Tropical Hideaway, will take the space of what used to be Aladdin’s Oasis. Visitors can enjoy fantastic views of the Jungle Cruise ride as they eat on an outdoor patio.

No further details were released on when this restaurant will open or what kinds of foods they will offer. The lack of official facts, however, hasn’t stopped Disney fans from speculating about this new addition to the beloved theme park.

A few Disney bloggers pointed out that the city of Anaheim received a permit three years ago asking to use flame-lit torches in this area of the park. Many believe this restaurant will offer Hawaiian cuisine and have an ambiance close to that of the Tiki Room, which is only a short walk away.

Amazingly, Disney announced this new eatery on their official “Parks Blog” one week before it got any mainstream attention. TimeOut LA was the first major company to report this restaurant opening.

While foodies might have to wait a bit to try out The Tropical Hideaway, there are many exciting restaurants opening up all across Disneyland this year. Disney fans can look forward to the opening of the Ballast Point Brewery later in 2018. Disney’s California Adventure theme park will also open the Lamplight Lounge on June 23rd.