Doe Deere : Boosting Women’s Confidence With Lime Crime

Makeup was manufactured to enhance beauty. In women especially, makeup has become a routine requirement when stepping out of the house. Most women would agree that at some point, it becomes impossible to fully dress up, without applying makeup. Well, it becomes part of a woman’s wardrobe and outfit. The question, however, begs to raise awareness on how to differentiate healthy makeup from a brand that would cause health issues to an individual. One brand that has been receiving positive reviews and attention is Lime Crime. Often, this brand has been linked to some of the best makeup moguls and fashion gurus.

Background of operation

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere. She adores make up and has been investing in healthy, natural, face-makeup regimens for better skin care. Being a rebel, Doe is fascinated with achieving different, colorful, appearances. She is a self-proclaimed queen of unicorns and has been on the lead of ensuring that her makeup line has healthy ingredients. Doe is passionate about boosting women’s self esteem through makeup and self appreciation. She uses her line to endorse healthy products. Some of these products have been recognized internationally. Doe has extensively in a new hair makeup line that has natural ingredients, an aspect that is appreciated by users.

Contribution to makeup

Doe has special skills in understanding the right regimen for different types of skin. From dry, normal and oily, her makeup line accommodates a variety. Perhaps this is her key selling point. Having launched her makeup line, Lime Crime a few weeks into Halloween, it is highly thought that the season was her major inspiration. This is because Lime Crime borders a broad spectrum of colorful, eccentric, ingredients. Under Doe’s leadership, the colorful makeup line has made progress by attracting clients. Doe is committed to this makeup line. She treats it like her main brand because it is her first, major, success story.


Like any other business owner, Doe depends on her fans to develop Lime Crime. She acknowledges feedback and is always prompt on working with clients to achieve a new look. Her determination to better client’s looks can hardly be matched. To Doe, it is mostly about focusing on bright colors that will have a direct, positive, impact on a woman’s life.