Dr. Clay’s Effort to Cancer Therapy

Dr. Clay holds a Ph. D in Genetics awarded from the University of George Washington and a Bachelors Degree of which he received from the University of Maryland. Clay B. Siegall is one of the members who cofounded Seattle Genetics in 1998, a biotechnological company where he holds the position of the company’s CEO and President’s position. Dr. Siegall, also, serves as the Chairman of the Seattle’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Clay Siegall has been pioneering the research of cancer therapy in several research bodies. Together with the Seattle Genetics Dr. Clay, have implemented many types of research with many of their drugs being approved by the United States Administration for the Drugs and Food. Dr. Clay Siegall’s great dedication and passion for developing targeted cancer therapies and other diseases came up after his father died of brain cancer. According to him the treatment of cancer being referred to as best then was not efficient, he realized that the chemotherapy was toxic making people brittle and weak and hence he felt the need to make other better tools.

Seattle Genetics made the ADCETRIS drug that treats over 15000 patients of lymphoma around the world today and several other drugs. The Company has made other significant investments in its product pipeline with its two leading programs being SG-CD19A and SGN-CD33A.
Dr. Clay used to work for a research institute that goes by the name Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals from 1997 and also the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute.
Dr. Clay Siegall also serves as a member of the Board of Directors two other private Biotechnology companies known as Alder Biopharmaceuticals and the Mirna Therapeutics. The Mirna Therapeutics founded in 2007 and based in Austin Texas is also a Biotechnology Company striving to further their oncology and thus the joining of Dr. Clay with all his experience and expertise in the oncology was a great honor to them.