Dr. Mark McKenna Regrets Not Finding His Passion Sooner

Dr. Mark McKenna has taken on the work of changing up the medical aesthetics industry and he is doing a good job of that. He is someone who knew what it was that he wanted to do when he set out to found a company, and he has done a good job of accomplishing all that he hoped to accomplish. OVME is a company that was founded by Dr. Mark McKenna and that is run by him today. This company is one that does work that other companies do not and it is one that is changing the medical aesthetics industry.

There are regrets that a person can have when it comes to their career and the journey that they took to get to the place they are at, and Dr. Mark McKenna understands those kinds of regrets. He was interviewed about various things regarding his journey to success, and one of the things that he was asked was what it is that he wishes that he had done differently in his journey to the place he is at now. He shared that he wishes that he had found his passion when he was younger and that he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry as he pushed through life.

Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who is excited by a trend that he sees in society. When he was given the chance to explain something that is going on in the world that has got him excited, he shared that he is happy to see the smoking habit declining. He is happy to see that smoking is going down and that it is not as popular as it once was. As a doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna seems to feel that the world is a better place with fewer people choosing to smoke.

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