Dr. Mark McKenna: The Medical doctor And Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is an aggressive entrepreneur and a physician. McKenna is also a community advocate and a passionate patient. He is popularly referred to as ‘Mark’ by family and friends. McKenna hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. He went to Tulane Medical School for his undergraduate studies. Dr. Mark McKenna also received his practicing license in Medicine and Surgery from the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna concluded that it would be quite tough to make a fortune from medical practice while pursuing his medical degree at Tulane. After graduation, he joined his father, who is also a medical practitioner, for a short while. However, he would know soon that his primary passion was real estate. McKenna proceeded to start his own real estate company.

Dr McKenna’s launched a mortgage firm and eventually acquired a small title company thanks to the expertise from his early investments. Over the years, he became the founder and chief executive of many firms. These companies include Uptown Title, Universal Mortgage Lending and McKenna Crescent. McKenna’s company would design and build residential houses, close title all-in-house and originate a mortgage. McKenna’s company created over 55 employment opportunities at its peak.

In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck, Dr. Mark McKenna lost millions of dollars over a period of less than 24 hours. His cash flow deflated to almost zero. His employees relocated to cities and towns throughout the United States. He was underinsured on many of his assets. All he did was sit down and watch his properties become devalued. He later returned to New Orleans, where it all began to assist with humanitarian relief efforts and rebuild his once-thriving company.

Dr McKenna got actively involved in the reconstruction efforts of rebuilding New Orleans. His company invested in the reconstruction of low to moderate income housing that most Americans in the middle income could afford. After some time, Dr McKenna saw the writing on the wall. The real estate industry was changing fast. He realized that it was time to get back to medicine when individuals with zero income were purchasing the property at 100% financing.