Drew Madden: Becoming A Healthcare IT Entrepreneur

When most individuals start a business, they rarely consider healthcare as a viable option. However, with more companies and medical facilities in need of experts to help them solve many of today’s most technologically-complex problems, the field is considered to be wide open. And as news comes out that CVS will be merging with Aetna, and that Amazon is quickly acquiring pharmacy licenses to sell medical equipment and eventually offer prescription medications through nationwide next-day delivery, the result will be a great increase in patient data, all of which will find its way into electronic medical records. Due to the urgent need for assistance in this aspect of healthcare, IT entrepreneurs such as Drew Madden are in high demand by companies everywhere.

With a degree in industrial engineering and a concentration in electronic medical records systems, Drew Madden is highly-qualified to deal with today’s most complex technical issues. Also one of today’s most sought-after software developers in the field of healthcare, Drew brings a variety of knowledge and skills to any project. Realizing it takes a combination of analysis, technical skills, and customer service when working on an electronic medical records project, Drew and his fellow healthcare IT professionals at Nordic Consulting Partners bring with them not only years of experience and knowledge, but also a passion for these projects that is unmatched. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Since becoming President of Nordic Consulting Services nearly a decade ago, Drew Madden has overseen a tremendous transformation within the company. Having only three employees when he began, Nordic has since grown to employ nearly 800 IT professionals of all skill levels. And along with this, the company’s annual revenue has increased to well over $100 million, and works with more than 150 clients around the world. Due to this growth, Drew and his company now work with major corporations, world-class medical centers, and other healthcare organizations and facilities to design, implement, and troubleshoot electronic medical records systems of all types. Using the latest cloud technology, along with state-of-the-art medical records software, Drew Madden and Nordic Consulting Partners strive to be the best each and every time. Check out angel.co for more.

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