Exploring San Diego’s Waterfront: The Coronado Ferry

Getting around San Diego’s waterfront can be tricky. Because the coastline curves and turns so frequently, biking or walking can be difficult. Lately, the best way to explore the waterfront has been the Coronado Ferry. Although the ferry was out of service in previous month, it is now running on a full time schedule. You can board the ferry at Newport Beach or near the art museum. There are usually long lines on the weekends and late afternoons, so consider going in the morning to find the Coronado Ferry empty. Once on board, you can relax and enjoy the fresh breeze of the bay. During the wintertime, temperatures can be chilly on the water. Make sure to bring a light jacket to combat the wind. Otherwise, the Coronado Ferry is a fantastic option for traversing the waterfront. Tickets go on sale the night before, and you can pick them up at the front desk. Rides take between 15 and 20 minutes. Once on the other side, you can make your way back to the start via designated trails that pass by natural flora and farmer’s markets. When it comes to convenience and speed, the Coronado Ferry is one of the greatest ways to see the waterfront. You can take pictures on your phone or talk to your friends about the amazing view. Experiences like these contribute to the wonders of San Diego.