Exploring Spirituality with the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah have been a mysterious and complex set of teachings from the traditions of Judaism that were hidden from view from the majority of people by Jewish teachers throughout the majority of human history. At various times in history some of these teachings have been released by religious teachers and groups in a bid to bring these mysterious aspects of spiritual life to the attention of the world; other teachings from the Kabbalah have remained hidden from view and not thought to have been written down or published in any form.


The Kabbalah Centre has been working around the world since the 1920s to bring as many people as possible an understanding of the hidden workings of the universe and create a more enjoyable and fulfilled future for us all to enjoy. In creating a translation and interpretation of the scripture known as Zohar The Kabbalah Centre teachers have looked to develop a guideline for living a fulfilled life no matter what religious or personal history the individual student brings to their lessons.


In the modern world the issue of ego has become a major crisis in eyes of The Kabbalah Centre as the majority of people are listening to the inner voice inside each person that encourages a narrow minded and selfish nature; teachings from The Kabbalah Centre are designed to allow every student the opportunity to take control of their ego in a bid to live a more fulfilled life that allows a closer link to be created with a God or Creator figure. Unlike many other spirituality groups, The Kabbalah Centre looks to develop a feeling of being closer to the essence of a God figure instead of hoping to find the God believed in in other areas of life. As the teachings of Kabbalah predate all religious teachings The Kabbalah Centre explains the Creator lives inside all of us as we are all linked together to make us responsible for the lives and choices of all our fellow humans.