Felipe Montoro Jens on the ongoing plans to improve education in Rio.

Under the able leadership of Marcelo Crivella as the mayor, the city of Rio de Janeiro is expected to have a better education. This is a result of the plan to build additional twenty-thousand-day care centers as well as forty thousand pre-schools. The idea will be made a reality through a public-private partnership(PPP) that will take care of the construction, maintenance and other services concerning educational equipment. According to of the projects infrastructure specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens, the project is currently in feasibility studies stage.

The PPP initiative is one among many attempts by the mayor to improve the education sector, cause that he is wholly committed to. The nature of PPP partnership is similar to the initial PPP of learning centers eminent in July 2012. The general rules of running the partnership are already in place as established by law in 2004. Moreover, the opportunity of a corporation with the private sector is a brilliant substitute for the government to fill the shortage of resources in the running public services.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that the contracting model of the private-public partnership is based on a business contract involving public admin units and private companies. The said private companies are the one responsible for the development, operation and construction of public facilities and services.

The project’s consulting needs will be in the hands of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). IFC which is an affiliate of the World Bank will be hired to provide consulting services to model the project. The IFC is the leading private sector growth institution in the evolving world, says Felipe Montoro Jens explains. The IFC uses its financial resources, expertise and global experience to help their partners overcome political, economic and operational challenges. This is according the official IFC website. The IFC will also be responsible for the same services in analyzing the practicability of the ultimate Public Light PPP in Rio, adds Jens,