Felipe Montoro Speaks on The Upcoming Partnership

The government made an announcement stating that it would make concessions through its partnerships with National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) in offering basic sanitation. In a recent interview, Edison Carlos who is the president of Trata Brazil, a firm that focuses on basic sanitation explained about the partnership deal mentioned above. Edison said the initiative will help in improving the management, structure, and resources in the department. Moreover, the above aspect will also reduce the level of water in infrastructural projects.

Edison also said that 90% of the basic sanitation activities in Brazil are performed by the government, while 70% of the sanitation users are served by the state bodies. However, he suggests that the heavy presence of the public management should not exclude the private sector, as the two can work together as complementary groups. BNDES will help in developing actions, which are customized to the different states that it serves. The above will depend on the surveys that will be conducted.

Felipe also blamed the loss of water resources to the flow of financial resources. Since the private sector has more advanced resources, Edison noted that it would play a vital task in preventing water wastage in the section. According to Edison, for a company to be rated as useful, its mode of operations and the needs of the people must align.

Felipe Montoro

Felipe Montoro is a renowned leader, who has been in the tenure of numerous companies. He served as a leader since his school days when he was elected to various roles in the student leader bodies. Moreover, Felipe also serves on various boards of directors such as San Antonia Energies and Fez do Brazil SA.

Felipe studied at Getulia Varga s Foundation in his undergraduate studies and got a graduate degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management. http://www.saguarostudios.com/the-uniqueness-of-felipe-montoro-jens/