Flavio Maluf and the Evolving Face of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf achieved a lot within his life at only the age of 55 years. Born to a Brazilian politician, Flavio carved his path to becoming a thriving businessman. Among the key of his accomplishments is Eucatex. The company commenced as a family business in the year 1951 although Flavio just equipped with postgraduate business management and engineering degree, joined the organization in 1987. Flavio became the Eucatex S.A. CEO in April 2005 and since the time; the organization has gained momentum and currently is far ahead in production.


Eucatex was launched in 1951 even before Flavio was born but later came in 1987 after 36 years. The organization was special during the time since it was the first company to focus on environmental conservation in spite of its small size. Eucatex involved in the planting of several eucalyptus trees with the aim of conserving the environment for future generations. After launching their first factor in 1954 in Sao Paolo, Eucatex diversified its products to include wood fiber plates, ceilings, and soft sheets. To date, the organization manufactures insulation and acoustic panels. Under the management of Flavio, the portfolio of the company’s product has extended to include furniture and construction items. Visit dino.com to learn more

Flavio Role in the Company

After joining Eucatex, Flavio Maluf mainly focused on trade aspect instead of the technical department. With time, he became actively engaged in both fields. Finally, he joined hands with the organization’s board after an invitation from the president of the company then. Presently, Flavio is the Eucatex CEO, and his duties have likewise diversified. He is presently investing in innovative companies alongside starting new items by Eucatex. Flavio has been capable of spearheading the company via embracing innovation, and as of now, Eucatex has a modern management structure. As the leader, Flavio comprehends the significance of advancing his skills. More so, he proceeds with other courses in accounting, foreign exchange, and trade. Presently, the organization is mainly modernized and exports its products to more than 37 countries across the globe. Additionally, Eucatex makes bigger profits and has continued to create a bigger impact in globally under the leadership of Flavio.

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