Flying or Driving to the West Coast: Which is Better?

The west coast offers an array of amenities and tourist spots that are sure to please anyone on your trip. From Disney World and Universal to some of the biggest and sunniest beaches available in America, California truly has a diverse landscape catering to people of all ages. If you’re planning to travel to California for your next vacation, you may be wondering if it’d be best to fly by plane or drive by car. Understanding the pros and cons of each will allow you to determine the best route for you.

Flying to California is obviously the quickest way to get there. Even from New York, the flight to California is only five hours with minimal layovers. Unfortunately, taking a plane is also the most expensive route of transportation. Even if you are planning the trip months in advance, you should expect to pay a few thousand dollars for your whole family to get there. Even the more inexpensive airlines, like Southwest, charge a hefty fee for those traveling to California. You’re also limited in what you can bring on your trip and what you can bring back, so you’ll have to bring items you need and avoid any frivolous packing.

Driving is beneficial to those who want a long, relaxing trip. The trip to California from New York by car is approximately one week if you’re driving twelve hours a day. You’ll need to take the cost of gas into consideration when traveling by car because the fuel alone can cost just as much as a plane ticket. The advantage of traveling by car is that you are able to get a look at other attractions along your way. You can stop by the Grand Canyon, tour Las Vegas and have your pick at thousands of hotels, restaurants and amenities throughout your trip.