George Soros as a Protector of Orgizations and Human Rights

Businessman George Soros is amassing his wealth through his hedge fund and directs a large part of his profits to his Open Society Foundations.

Earlier this month, Mr. George Soros achieved the direction of the whopping $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations which is by far one of the largest transfers that any philanthropist has made to a single foundation. For many years, Mr. George Soros has been funding his organization primarily from his own profits and the Open Society Foundations has come to depend very little on other donors. Up to date, the organization is the second biggest philanthropic group in the United States of America.

The Open Society Foundation has been around for more than three decades, and it promotes human rights democracy in over 120 countries around the globe. Over the course of the past five years, the Open Society Foundations has been focusing strongly on its local area which is the U. S. The main objective has been to reduce police violence and to protect members of the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination and abuse.

Over the course of its existence, the Open Society Foundations has been involved in a wide variety of charities and support. In 2014, Open Society funded the establishment of treatment centers to cure Ebola during the outbreak of the disease. The organization has also been funding a Roma art and culture center. Most recently, Open Society directed its efforts towards supporting organizations protecting people in the U. S. from the ”wave of hate incidents” that started ripping through the nation after the 2016 election. Mr. George Sorors donated over ten million dollars to efforts of preventing the violence.

Many believe that the wave f violence was inspired by Donald Trump and his political speeches claims about homosexuals and the disabled. His less than humanitarian views and stances on the different groups of people have made people feel like they can bring ”purging” as it has been commonly described to the nation. The attacks on homosexuals and people of color have spiked drastically since Trump became president.

Mr. George Sorors stated during the 016 elections that he would not stand for that. He is firmly against Trump, and he has vowed that he will protect those who will undoubtedly fall victim of Trump’s fanatic views. Mr. George Soros is highly influential on the scene of political campaigns. He is known to be a very active donor in politics, and that makes him a formidable opponent.

The future President of Open Society, P. Gaspard also shares the opinion. Mr. Gaspard stated that Trump lacks integrity which became event yet again when Trump was commissioned on voter fraud but then bought the silence of organizations. Gaspard added that there is a strong sense of urgency to protect people from the violence that will ensue in the United States spurred on by Trump over the next four years.

Mr. George Soros has inspired many to strive for a better society. He is viewed as a leader that will fight for minorities which are currently targeted in the U. S and Follow him