George Soros Helps the African American Community through Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter or BLM is one of the leading African American protest organizations within the modern era. This group has been in action since 2013 and has established itself as a major political force within the black community.

Black Lives Matter has its origins in an online slogan. The slogan #BlackLivesMatter began on Facebook and other sites on the internet. African American people took to it right away. The key organizers of this online hashtag phrase were Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

These three individuals were already involved with a national organization that trains community organizers. The name of this outfit is called Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity or BOLD. Garza introduced the phrase in a Facebook post that she called A Love Note to Black People.

In the post, she stated: that our lives matter, black lives matter. That when Parisse Cullors started to use the phrase #BlackLivesMatter. All three of these activists began to use the phrase and Black Lives Matter was born. Keep in mind that this online protest was created in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the Treyvon Martin case that took place in 2013.

Black Lives Matter became a prominent political organization during the Michael Brown Protests that took place in 2014. This organization was the most orderly group out the protestors that arrived. After they showed up they were instantly recognized by the media as being the premiere black organization on the scene. They had already attracted the attention of George Soros.

Open Society Foundation is George Soros’s organization that he uses to make donations. This organization has funded hundreds if not thousands of liberal and democratic organizations, groups and individuals. George Soros is a firm believer in societies remaining open or having certain freedoms without the interference of government. He is also a big supporter of liberal causes. Black Lives Matter represents both ideas. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

He also is a big fan of police reform, public transparency and accountability. These three points are important to the relations between the law enforcement and black communities. Soros does not want governments, police forces and other national organizations to have too much power. Soros grew up in Hungary under Hitler’s regime back in the 40s. He knows the danger that these institutions could impose if left unchecked.

Soros likes Black Lives Matter because this organization is getting the word out about police brutality. The organization gives a powerful voice to the millions of black people that agree with the message. BLM also has a different type of leadership and operational structure. They do not utilize traditional African American structures of leadership. Soros likes this as well.

Most of these structures tend to be on the “conservative” side. Since they are, they are not being influenced by the traditional activist groups that have been around since the 60s. BLM knows that it needs powerful funders such as George Soros. They are very important for helping to keep organizations like these strong and well established.

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BLM continues to be an active force within the black community today. They are growing stronger as each day passes and more than enough people agree with their message. It’s not just black people that endorse this group there are many other racial groups that stand behind it as well. George Soros has helped Black Lives Matter to become one of the best minority social organizations in the 21st century. Read more about George’s life story at