GoBuyside Is Simplifying The Hiring Process In A Fast Paced Financial Industry

Prior to the advent of technology such as tracking systems for applicants and online job postings, the process for companies to work through lists of potential employees and find the best candidates for jobs was very inefficient. In recent years this has been changing with the introduction of new technologies that provide both companies and potential employees with a better way to communicate with one another. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.

In today’s fast-paced, technological world, the traditional employment scene in regard to employee recruitment is also evolving and changing. Employment is becoming more regularly based on project and part-time based roles. It seems clear that the time when businesses found their employee base from their local area in order to fill their workforce needs, is coming to an end. More and more companies of today are looking to looking to fill positions ranging from full-time to flexible employment options, and to do so from across the world.

Research suggests that up to half the workforce in the U.S. is in positions that are transferable to the world of telework and as much as 25 percent of that workforce are actively engaged in this sort of work at least on a partial basis. GoBuyside is an online platform that allows employers to communicate with potential employees that may be located anywhere in the world. The platform is capable of screening in order to ensure that exact matches are made based on qualifications, interests and prior accomplishments. Read more blogs at gobuysideblog.com.

GoBuyside represents the future of hiring recruitment in the financial industry. The platform is ideal for hedge funds, private equity firms, advisory platforms and numerous other investment enterprises. GoBuyside uses proprietary technology along with a strong commitment to serving its clients at the highest level of customer service. In this way, the company is able to successfully screen the best candidates available from across the world. Today, the company is helping over 10,000 firms worldwide in filling their employment needs.

GoBuyside was founded in 2011 by Arjan Kapur. Kapur currently serves as Chief Executive officer of the firm. After being awarded his masters degree in business administration from Stanford Univesity, Kapur entered into the finance industry. He has always viewed himself as someone that could spot an opportunity and turn it into something. What he quickly noticed in the financial industry was that the hiring process was ultra-competitive but also inefficient. This was the genesis of the idea for GoBuyside. Kapur wanted to create a transparent platform where employers and qualified financial professionals could openly communicate. GoBuyside uses an exhaustive vetting process which allows employers to be presented with only the best, most qualified candidates to fill the positions that they need. The system is set up in a way as to be mutually beneficial to both sides of this equation and it makes use of applicant tracking systems, online job board posts and mainstreaming of artificial intelligence. The highly qualified and dedicated team that Kapur has assembled at GoBuyside are committed to providing top-notch service to all of their clients.

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