Going to California? They Don’t Have Plastic Bags and Here’s Why

In most states of the Union, when you go to the grocery store or corner shop, the plastic bags that the checkout person puts your items in are free. But in many countries around the world, plastic bags don’t come free when you’re shopping. You either have to pay at least ten cents for each one that you take or you should bring your own reusable bags from home.


This is because plastic bags are a nuisance to our environment. Many countries have chosen to phase out plastic bags for this reason. The bags have become one of the most prominent items in landfills, and they are also clogging up our oceans period


Recently, California decided to ban plastic bags. Single use plastic bags present many troubles for the environment, and in California, they have been phased out for the following reasons.


  1. Plastic bags as garbage cost taxpayers millions, and they never completely go away.


The fact of the matter is that cleaning up plastic bags and other garbage found in oceans and on land costs millions of dollars each year, and you can never completely get rid of this material.


  1. The convenience of plastic bags does not outweigh the long term sustainability problems.


Many people have trouble with the idea of giving up plastic bags because they’re useful, but don’t forget that they’re terrible for the environment. Is it worth it?


  1. Plastic bags are extremely harmful form marine life.


Finally, these bags cause serous problems for marine life, which will eat the bags, choke on them and get stuck in them.