Greg Secker: Inspiring us all

Greg Secker has a history of being a competitor and a man willing to take risks. Before the money, the success and the workshops; Greg was an athlete and rally car driver. I guess we can assume he needed a bigger challenge. He retired as Vice President of Melon Financial Corporation in his late twenties very successful and poised to write his own story.

Secker owns a Lamborghini Murcielago SV and an Ashton Martin DBS. That old rally car driver is obviously still alive and making decisions somewhere in the many layers of Secker’s psyche. Secker is the father of three and he will tell you that there is nothing more important to him than his role as a father. Secker is not secluded and compartmentalized. He is a philanthropist and international speaker, he seeks out those hungry for knowledge to improve their life. His charitable contributions include the Greg Secker Foundation, Basket Brigade, Knowledge to Action Foundation and several others. Education and self-reliance always seem to be at the core of many of Secker’s events. Secker believes that people have limitless potential they just need the right tools and the will to reach their goals.

Direct Questions for Legend Himself

Inspirery caught up with Greg Secker for a short interview posted on their website in which Secker was asked about his most important moment in business. Secker stated, “It was when Knowledge To Action began operating.” That is one of Secker’s many charitable organizations. It should be noted that he didn’t name a massive business deal which enriched himself or one of the many times he’s been praised as a trading genius. Much of the interview covers his early life and successes, it’s made clear that friends and family are of paramount importance to him. Many times he credits his victories with the support that he receives from his business partners and friends.

Fun Fact About Greg Secker

Secker originally studied agriculture and food services at The University of Nottingham. A fascinating detail considering how Secker made his millions and what he teaches. He is the very embodiment of the great things people can accomplish when they apply themselves; a lesson we should all take to heart.