Greg Secker: Recap and Mini Biography

This article will go over information about an English Businessman named Greg Secker. He is a master trader, entrepreneur international speaker, and philanthropist. But, above all them he is a father. There is also the Greg Secker Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization which has a commitment to improve the quality of life for people over the world.

One of his jobs was in a giant asset management bank in the department of foreign exchange. He then moved back to the UK after all the years in the U.S on trading floors. He had more time to focus on trading of his own. What he really likes doing is motivating others by giving the same ideas and tools that he had. That can make a lot of money so working at a bank wouldn’t be an option for those who don’t want the job.

For Secker, there is no normal day. This is due in part because he is stretched across different companies in his group. But, most of his time is based around working and living from home. Actually. He runs most of his core business meeting and the majority of the board from his house. He will travel if he is either directing the Foundation through connection making and networking. Or, when Secker is speaking on stage for motivational tour content.

Also, Secker wishes he would have taken much more time to appreciate the journey instead of rushing through it. It has been a crazy pace for him. He believes that life is something that needs to be enjoyed and the one’s not finished would be a lesson to him. He wishes he would have slowed life down much more. He also recommends to other entrepreneurs to read more.

Secker graduated from the University of Nottingham. Secker was born in Norfolk, on February 18, 1975. His main occupation is a Forex trader. He has three children. One of the achievements he has received was the British Telecom Award. This was for innovation in e-commerce in 1998. This was after the creation of a Virtual Trading Desk.