GTL Makes Inaccurate Claims About Securus

One of the leading companies in the realm of criminal justice solutions is Securus Technologies. It is also a provider of services in corrections, monitoring, investigation and civil justice. GTL made a press release on June 7, 2016 which was full of inaccuracies about Securus Technologies. Securus Replied with several important corrections. GTL made many assertions that were inaccurate and misleading. Overall, this is an issue about patent claims.


GTL has claimed that Securus Technologies is a company that has a habit of suing its competitors in the industry. It alleges that the patent disputes against them are for the sole purpose of forcing a settlement in the favor of Securus Technologies. GTL accuses Securus Technologies of being bullies who want to smear them in the media. Securus Technologies denies all these claims. It asserts that it has gone to great lengths to come to mutually agreeable terms with GTL. GTL has been using Securus Technologies’ patented technology without permission for a long time. It has been GTL’s decision to spend millions of dollars to engage in a drawn out legal battle against Securus Technologies because it wishes to wrongfully avoid paying licensing fees. Securus Technologies has more than twice the number of patents that GTL has because it is they who pioneered the technology in question.

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In the eyes industry professionals, Securus Technologies’ patent metrics are superior to GTL’s which means that they will be seen as the true patent holder for the technology in question. Securus Technologies does not wish for this dispute to drag out over a period of years and hopes for an amenable solution where GTL pays the proper licensing fees for use of the patents.