Help Is On The Way: Assisted Living Facilities For Seniors


Watching our parents or loved ones age can be difficult. In the beginning, the order of things is that parents take care of their children. From the time they find out there is a life growing inside of them, to the moment they lay eyes on their precious child for the first time. Parents feed, clothe and house us. They carry us until we can crawl, and often far beyond that. As life progresses, time changes things. Our parents age, and we soon become their caregivers. While they may not want to, they begin to depend on their children for basic needs like feeding, dressing and errand running. Because most adults work full time in order to provide for themselves or their families, providing around the clock care to a parent or loved one may not be an option.


Finding care outside of the home can be a stressful process. Locating a facility close enough to your home, and establishing a feeling of comfort with the staff are important. You want to make the best decision for your loved one, and place them in the most compassionate hands. Fortunately, there are some who dedicate their lives to helping seniors and families in need. Chris Skiff is one of those people. Skiff has dedicated more than 15 years of his life to senior care and is the current owner of The Manse on Marsh Assisted Living Communities. His primary goal has been establishing assisted living facilities that offer a home-like feel with help just around the corner. Giving seniors a chance to remain independent, and providing families peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in good hands.


The Manse on Marsh offers five different communities for seniors and the elderly. Each community is equipped with onsite medication technicians and compassionate caregivers. Residents receive personalized care, and daily “check-ins” to ensure residents are receiving quality care and that their needs are met. Residents and families choose The Manse on Marsh because of the unbeatable service and level of compassion provided by staff members. From Medication Management to grooming and personal care, residents and families can trust the team at The Manse on Marsh to care for their loved ones as they would care for their own.


They provide a higher level of activities, but they are also well known for the level of care that they provide.  Not every assisted living facility is truly award winning, but that is something that absolutely describes The Manse on Marsh.  They have won the Caring Star award, but what’s more, they continue to get positive attention with their great Yelp reviews.  Something that’s extremely hard to earn, especially for an assisted living facility.  But Manse on Marsh is right there at the top.