Highland Capital Launches Huge Healthcare Fund

Highland Capital Management, which is headquartered in Dallas, has a Korean affiliate. The affiliate, named Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd., recently closed a private equity fund that is focused on healthcare. The fun is worth $147 million and the National Pension Service in South Korea is the main investor.

The Highland Capital affiliate started 1988 and has a value of around KRQ 565 trillion, which is $499.8 billion in U.S. dollars. Investors that are part of the fund have particular healthcare goals and of course, hope to make a significant return on investment. The investment funds are intended to benefit those in China and Korea as well as the United States. Read this article at investopedia.com.

The Asia branch of Highland will be woking with Stonebridge Capital. This is a venture capital and private equity firm based on Korea, and the organization will help to manage the fund. The healthcare fund will be the first of its kind by Highland Capital Management in Asia. It’s important to note that investors in Asia have continued to show interest in these types of financial ventures in the last few years, which means that similar funds could be created in the future.

The overall strategy of the fund is in keeping with the abilities of Highland Capital, and focuses on the organization’s healthcare expertise, according to fund co-head and managing director Carl Moore. Moore also shares that healthcare has the most industry exposure at Highland, and that the firm has a track record in healthcare private equity that spans more than 15 years. Visit hcp.com to know more.


As of May 2017, it has been reported that Highland Capital Management has over $1.5 billion in healthcare assets that are under management. Matt Jameson, fund co-head and managing director of private equity for Highland, states that the industry of healthcare in the United States faces a considerable amount of challenges, and these challenges primarily affect middle market companies. This is, in large part, the reason Highland has made such a huge financial contribution to the industry.

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