How ClassDojo is Revolutionizing Learning

The current fast-paced nature of life makes it hard for parents to monitor the activities of their school going children. Traditionally, this was done through slated meetings between the parents and instructors. Such meetings were however time consuming and hectic to plan because they entailed parents going to the learning institutions in person for the discussions. An upstart is however planning to put all these scheduled meetings to an end. It has introduced an application, which is emerging as a simple way of building an amazing learning community.

ClassDojo aids tutors, parents and the little ones to share enticing learning moments in a way that has never been seen before. This is basically a communication platform that has ground up change within the learning community. Using the platform, parents can monitor whatever their kids are doing in school through instant messaging via videos and pictures, which are taken by the tutors. All that is required is a compatible device and internet connection.

Benefits of the App

ClassDojo has emerged as one of the easiest ways of building a positive culture within the learning context. It has been proven to have the ability of helping learners to have skills such as teamwork and diligence. It also gives parents an opportunity to be part of their children’s learning process wherever they are. Time that would have otherwise been spent organizing meetings is saved when using the platform.

Owing to the fact that instant messages are used in the communiqué, each parent can be reached privately through direct messages. Any communication meant for parents can be easily conveyed without the hassle associated with writing letters or making phone calls. A single message can be forwarded to all parents at once.

The Uptake

Since its inauguration, the app has been fairly received within the education sector. It is currently in use in nearly two thirds of learning institutions in the United States. This is a quite impressive feat considering the fact that it has only been around for only a few years. Parents and teachers who have used this interactive platform have attested to its prowess to provide a unique connection and empowerment tool between the three parties that are involved. It has also been acclaimed for its compatibility with Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices, and computers. The application is easy to use and cost effective, which makes it a must-have for stakeholders in the education sector. With the effects of technology spreading to education, ClassDojo has already positioned itself at a vantage spot and is likely to benefit from such advances.


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