How End Citizen United Helps Americans Maintain Political Progressions

End Citizen United is an independent organization that has gained rapid fame over the recent years for its vigorous efforts to focus the political arena of the United States on the people. In 2017, the group announced its intent to support the United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for the 2018 re-election wave. The organization dubbed the candidate ‘champion of campaign reform’ for his similar-minded ideologies that seek to eliminate the court’s Citizen United decision for campaigns. Senator Sheldon has openly and vehemently spoken out against the allowance of corporations and wealthy people to contribute to campaigns and change the politics of the nation.


Sheldon expressed his sentiments on the topic in his book Captured, published in 2017. The book highlights how the corporate world has wavered the political scene of the United States. Sheldon wasn’t shy to talk about the nomination of Supreme Court’s Neil Gorsuch, who utilized money injected from dark groups. Despite his morally upright and reformative actions, Senator Sheldon is the recipient of a number of critics from the Republican Party. John Loughlin stated that Sheldon is not aware of the benefits that Citizen United generates in the country.


End Citizen United supports Democratic candidates like Sheldon by raising millions of cash from grass root sources. In the last fiscal year, the organization raised $4 million in only three months. The amount would also be used to help Sheldon win against Senator Robert Nardolillo of the Republican Party and ex-Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders.


In addition to the $4 million raised in 2017, End Citizen targets to acquire $35 million to cater for the 2018 political campaigns in various levels. The amount would highly exceed the 2016 amount which was $25 million. The amount raised in the first quarter of 2017 was the contribution of 100,000 people, 40,000 of whom were first timers. Recently, End Citizen United has supported the Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff who was standing for a position in Georgia. Other plans to support the party’s elects include backing up Sherron Brown and Jon Tester in 2018.


End Citizen United’s spokesperson Adam Bozzi stated that his organization has managed to form excellent relationships with promising candidates who will help overturn the Supreme Court’s rule. The court’s decision to allow moguls and foundations to dictate the direction of a political party is devastating for the American people according to the group. Therefore, they plan to accumulate money from grassroots and have set up just standards to regulate the notion and make sure that they practice what they preach. End Citizen does not accept more than $5000 from one donor in a single donation. End Citizen plans to work with reputable figures to oppose Trump’s rule and ensure Americans maintain a liberal mind.