How Nick Vertucci Got From Being Broke To Making Millions For His Family

Changing your career in your midlife can seem scary, especially if you’re considering a new job that you have little knowledge of or feel uncomfortable with the idea of going back to school to pursue it. But one school that puts you on the right track to making revenue right away through your own work is the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, a series of workshops that teach you how to flip both commercial and residential properties for profit. Nick Vertucci made a change in his career when he got into real estate, and over the course of about 14 years he learned how he could finance his property purchases and use simple ideas to turn them into affordable but quality housing.

Nick Vertucci didn’t have it easy at all growing up. Losing his father at age 10 and living out of a vehicle at age 18, it took him years to find any financial success. Things did get better after he opened a computer sales company and began to afford things like a home and a better car. He even became a husband and a father during this time, and things looked as if they were going to be all right for the long-term for Vertucci and his family, but unfortunately it didn’t quite turn out that way. The tech industry crash of 2000 wiped out many IT-based businesses including Vertucci’s, and for a whole year debt began to pile up on him and his family.

Nick Vertucci began his entrance into real estate by attending a weekend seminar on the subject, and his curiosity into it grew from there. After reading up on it and looking into ways to start raising capital for purchases, he started buying cheap properties and converting them into vacation rentals and apartments. Over time the process became much simpler and Vertucci soon saw his income increase so dramatically that in 10 years he became a millionaire. He retired from the job around 2014, but he put together the team of executives and instructors to show others how real estate could be quite simple to use and could be the key to one day being financially free.