How To Take A Road Trip Through California During The Winter

When thinking about taking a tour of the American West Coast, many people like to plan for a summer excursion because of the many beachside activities to indulge in during this period. However, what do you do when the only time you can take a vacation to California is during winter?


The image of the Pacific Highway that runs parallel to the coastline evokes memories of perfect sunny beaches, classic American cars, and long golden days. If you decide to go for a winter vacation in California, then it is recommended that you visit the following places:

  1. Monterey Peninsula

The geographical positioning of Monterey will give you a magnificent coastal view, alongside a collection of diverse cultural activities. Through the 17-mile Monterey Movie Tour, you can fully explore this region and visit some well-known places such as Carmel, Pacific Grove, Cannery Row, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


While taking a tour of Monterey, you will also get a chance to explore landmarks such as the Pebble Beach golf course and the Lone Cypress Tree.

  1. Los Angeles County

Even during the winter, the weather of Los Angeles and Santa Monica is sunny. This will allow you to experience an innovative Ferris Wheel powered using solar energy at the Pacific Park. You can also take a whale-watching cruise while you are at it.


The region is home to the Shore Hotel, one of the first hotels to receive LEED certification for its commitment towards sustainable tourism. The hotel is also strategically placed to afford you the best sunsets from the comfort of your room.

  1. San Francisco

The city is home to the world-renowned Pier 39 and its noisy sea lions. One of the best places to visit is the Fisherman’s Wharf, known for housing San Francisco’s best restaurants offering excellent seafood. Other notable locations include the Golden Gate Bridge, Fog Harbor Fish House, and Hotel Zephyr on the city’s waterfront.


  1. Yosemite National Park

Although it is a deviation from the traditional Pacific Highway tour, you will not regret the 3-hour drive from San Francisco. The park’s beautiful landscape is enhanced by the blanket of snow that covers it in winter. Staying at the Tenaya Lodge will enable you to fully explore the park’s waterfalls, mountain views such as Dewey Point, and the Ascent Spa.


Equipped with this knowledge, you can enjoy touring California in winter.